The Body Feeling Thought Connection

Finding the book “Heal your Body” by Louise Hay about 20 years ago has been a real blessing.
A few years later I was told about “Your body is the Barometer of your Soul” by Annette Noontil.
Both authors connect our thinking to what is going on in our body.

Since our feelings let us know what we have been thinking,
we can use all those tools to help ourselves to feel better, emotionally and physically.

A couple of weeks ago I had an annoying pain in the back and
I used both books and wrote affirmations in my morning sessions of writing.
My back felt better afterwards but the pain still lingered.

I had the sense of some deeper feeling and I was glad to have a counselling session that week.
In the counselling session I did a painting, where my little girl(inner child) was hiding in a corner from two mean people,
who were saying shameful and mean things to her.
As I focused on how she was feeling, I cried because of the shame she was feeling, shame that wasn’t hers.

Becoming aware that I had carried my parents shame(being born out of wedlock in the 50s), helped me to understand myself and reframe my thinking.

Long story short,I left the session feeling much better and on my way home I noticed that my back felt ‘normal’.

I do believe we store unresolved feelings in our body.

Sometimes we can clear these with the help of what the books of Louise Hay and/or Annette Noontil suggest.
Sometimes we may need the help of someone else.

Do you have any experiences like this? What works for you?


22 thoughts on “The Body Feeling Thought Connection”

  1. Hey Yorinda,

    Thank you for having me back on your blog. I have not read the book you refer to, but it sounds very empowering. I believe like you that our body can tell us things about our thoughts and state of mind. It is nice to know that you have methods and outlets for your pains. And that you are clearly in control of what your mind and subconscious is telling you.

    Thank you for a thought provoking post.

    Yours in Success,
    Beth Hewitt


  2. Aloha Yorinda,

    Thank you for sharing this very inspirational article. Point very well taken about the wisdom of knowing when to seek outside help. Sometimes our own feelings and emotions are buried so deeply we just need a little extra help to get to the heart of the matter.


  3. Yorinda,
    I wonder if my blog reminded you about those two wonderful books by Louise Hay and Annette Noontil. The counseling work that I do includes mind-body-spirit connection through the Rubenfeld Synergy Method (, Polarity Therapy and traditional counseling. Our bodies will often reveal to us what we have been unable to recognize or understand in our life. The messages can be quite painful if we try to ignore them.


  4. It’s what you refer to as psychosomatic, wherein our inner turmoil manifests in the form of physical pain or illness. When a person is emotionally unbalanced and refuses to address it, the body calls your attention to it.


  5. Hi Yorinda,

    Oh yes, I have experienced excruciating pain during bodywork sessions, especially when they revoked old memories! For years I had sore shoulders, and they went after I left my relationship and stopped taking the burden of the world on my shoulders!

    Louise Hay Rocks, and the aussie version, Anette does too.


  6. Thanks for sharing your story. Years ago when I was in engineering, I developed horrible migraines that would come on 3-4 times a week! I came to discover that this was a symptom of the serious angst I had about my job and the stress it was causing me. After I quit engineering the migraines disappeared! I am now a firm believer in the mind body connection! I appreciate the the book recommendations and look forward to looking into them!


  7. That was deep! I had no idea that your feelings played a role on how your body feels and vice versa. I’m going to try and be more aware of my aches and pains from now on. Thanks for making me aware of this!


  8. Very interesting. I like Steve had no idea my feelings could cause me body pain. It does may since though. Right now I’m in the process of moving from KY to FL. This happen very, very fast and my shoulders have been in extreme pain since the process started. I was just thinking it was because I’ve added new workout which is building the shoulders and upper back. Maybe it also because of weight I’m carrying in my feels.

    Thanks for this – Debi


  9. Hello Yorinda,

    It is so true what you say: “Your body is the Barometer of your Soul”. How many people have sat in front of their doctor with the eternal question “why, and why me” only to be asked if stress had played an important part in the life leading to the challenges they had just been diagnosed with.

    The Chinese (and other cultures in Asia) have a very deep understanding of the importance of life flow (chi) that goes trough our body and how “blockages” can sometimes impede on the overall state of our health.

    We are truly the sum of our parts, and it is important that there be balance throughout, including in our state of mind.

    Keep the Smiles,



  10. i agree you can feel your body it happens sometimes but i ignore its and then when it prove i just say to my self better i listen to my’s just not the matter what you are doing it’s a matter of what you feel…but some thought making it worst…thanks for sharing ideas…


  11. Hi Yorinda:

    “Since our feelings let us know what we have been thinking, we can use all those tools to help ourselves to feel better, emotionally and physically.”

    I resisted and stuffed my feelings for a long time and it definitely had an impact on my overall physical health. Since I have began to understand what my feelings are telling me it has helped me a lot.



  12. Hi Yorinda

    Our body and mind are so intimately connected that whatever shows up in our mind will also manifest something in our body and vice versa. Simply having that awareness goes a long way in guiding us to move through our personal challenges and blocks along our path to our goals, vision and success in all aspects of life. I enjoy Louise Hay and also find it even more powerful when we create our own affirmations as they are specifically aligned to us.


  13. Hi Yorinda,
    Nice post.I have read a lot of Lousie Hay books and I feel she is responsible for what I am today on both the social and personal front.I learnt how one can be happy even in the most difficult situation and what is life.


  14. Lovely share Yorinda,

    I often see that people who appear to have the weight of the world on their shoulders are often in physical pain too. It is a stress impact on their bodies often times.

    Wishing you a restful weekend!


  15. Yorinda,

    My wife and I swear by Louise Hay, when we’re not swearing at her for being so on target ALL the time. LOL She is amazingly accurate in her connections to the body. At the first sign of bodily discomfort we head for her advice. Great stuff and thanks for pointing it out for all to share.



  16. Hi Yorinda,

    Sounds like I need those books!

    I have been in pain from head to toe every day for three years since I had an accident. It just will not go away whatever I try – I was told it is because my nervous system was damaged at the time of the accident.

    I believe it can be solved, whatever the doctors say but I have bot figured out quite how yet!!!

    Thanks for a very thought provoking post!

    Emma 🙂


  17. I LOVE the Heal Your Body book. I have it on my desk and refer to it often. I agree we store unresolved feelings in our body. I have been amazed how many times I had a health issue and looked in the book to see what emotional connection it listed. It is always on target. I use the healing affirmations to EFT sessions which helps me clear the emotional issue. Thanks for writing this post. I think people should get that book. It’s a powerful tool.


  18. Hello Yorinda

    An excellent article, information that we all can use. What we harbor in our mind has a tremendous affect on our body. Clearing these thought and emotions definitely leads to a healthy and peaceful life. Tell us more about “Your body is the Barometer of your Soul”.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City


  19. Hi Yorinda,
    Nice post and video.I really like the affirmation examples of this video and the background music and flower touch in this video make it very inspiring and touchy.


  20. It is a definite… I agree that we do restore unresolved feelings in our body. I let myself gain weight majorly when I had my son and did not resolve to lose it. I had actually become out of whack with my body and now, I am just getting things right. It was a tough lesson and I am still losing weight, but it took changing the way I thought about things in order to put myself on the right path.

    I am glad that you are feeling better. 🙂


  21. “Your body is the barometer of your soul” in this quote you say everything, our body has a unlimited wisdom and when we balance our emotions, total health is a natural consequence of who we deserve to be.
    Thanks for this great article!


  22. Hi Yorinda,

    First thank you for sharing your personal experience with using affirmations and positive thinking to resolve health issues. I know first hand that doing affirmations really does help you to heal your mind and body. I agree with you that we store unresolved feelings in our body and if left unchecked this can cause disease. I appreciate the beautiful video you also shared. Thanks for showing us another way to heal holistically.

    Love and Light,



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