Headaches Migraines and Affirmations

Migraine AuraMost people and even children have experienced headaches or even migraines.

What helps you when your head is aching?

There are lots of methods and which one we choose is probably right for us.

Do you think that what you believe is powerful?

Watch the Video below how a hospital in Beijing uses no medicines.

This post is about how headaches relate to attitudes.

Understanding the cause can be effective with clearing it.

Check list of Affirmations to use at the bottom of the post.

According to Annette Noontil (The Body is the Barometer of the Soul)

The attitudes related to headaches and migraines are as follows:


Front of head, pressure

Holding on to old limitations and not seeing good in anything.

Back of head

Pressurizing yourself through impatience that you have not done enough


Nervous headaches Back of head

Your communication to yourself that you are the one who needs to be accepted is not happening. Tell yourself you accept yourself no matter what has happened to you.

Nervous headaches front of head

Not communicating with your inner being to know yourself.

Not believing you can stand up for yourself and say what you want.

Letting others tell you what to do and not communicating to them that you dislike being told what to do.

I turned these into


  • I feel more and more free to tell others that I dislike to be told what to do.
  • I am patient with myself and trust that I have done enough.
  • I let go of limitations and see the good in things.
  • I see myself and everyone as equal.
  • I allow myself to be the love that I am. I am at peace with myself.
  • More and more am I accepting myself no matter what happens to me.
  • More and more am I communicating with my Inner being to know myself.
  • I love the thought of feeling courageous enough to stand up for myself and say what I want.
  • I love the thought of feeling free to tell other that I dislike being told what to do.
  • I love the thought of standing up for myself and say what I want.
  • I am patient with myself and trust that I have done enough.
  • More and more am I letting go of limitations .
  • More and more am I seeing the positive aspects in everyone and everything.
  • More and more am I allowing myself to be the love that I am.
  • I love the thought of being at peace with myself.
  • I accept myself and say what I want.

Thoughts and [intlink id=”75″ type=”page” target=”_blank”]Affirmations[/intlink] create Feelings.

Gregg Braden

“When we have a feeling in our hearts we are creating electrical and magnetic waves inside of our bodies that extend beyond our bodies into the world around us.”

Healing in less the 3 min in a medicine-less Beijing Hospital

Other natural methods:

Sound -Endorphin Release/Headache Relief – Delta/Theta/Gamma Brainwave Synchronization Meditation

(there is free download of the audio file)





and many more…

Photo Credit: Migraine Aura on Wikipedia

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12 thoughts on “Headaches Migraines and Affirmations”

  1. Affirmations are a fabulous way to feel better and to change the underlying beliefs that brought the headache on in the first place. And the other suggestions you listed are great ways to alleviate the symptoms right away to give the affirmations a bit of time to start working.

    An excellent article with some really practical ideas for making affirmations and alternative healing ideas a part of an easy remedy.


  2. Hi Yorinda,
    Having positive thoughts and believing that you will overcome any difficulties can certainly have healing effects since the health of our body depends on the health of our mind and soul and of course the opposite is also true. Using these affirmations help you believe on your self and overcome even the hardest problems, thanks for sharing…


  3. I never thought that there’s other causes and reliefs for headaches. When I feel dizzy or my brain is almost exploding, I just take a paracetamol to ease the pain. I never know about affirmations until I saw this blog.


  4. Once again, here’s proof that what we experience in the physical body is rooted in the mental body. To me, the physical body is more like a messenger. Working backwards from the pain we feel in any part of the body we can find the cause in our mental/emotional bodies.

    My mother suffered from severe migraines most of her adult life. Then about 10 years she practiced a yogic ritual of looking at the sun in the morning with her eyes closed…until she saw colors. Her headaches have disappeared! Even so, she’s yet to address her hidden belief system that brought those headaches on in the first place.

    Thanks for this enlightening post, Yorinda!


  5. I have been taking Kyusho courses since the beginning of this year and just learned how to relieve pressure headaches. Kyusho is the study of vital points and can be used with martial arts. Eastern medicine uses kyusho to revive people from heart attacks (I learned that a couple weeks ago) and when they stop breathing.

    So, you can do affirmations, but if you know someone familiar in kyusho, you can relieve yourself using that option as well. đŸ˜€


  6. Hi Yorinda! this is a very healthful article to read. Providing us this kind of information is really a big help. A lot of people will benefit from this and i really appreciate it. I will definitely follow all the tips that you’ve mentioned here. Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work.


  7. Affirmations are a way of controlling your thinking and our health is directly related to our patterns of thinking just as is our success rate in life! I first came across affirmations with Louise Hay back in the 80’s. I was quite amazed that any pain in the body could be improved via an affirmation and that the pain had an emotional link. I then went on to study and practice energy medicine for over a decade and I saw the link to emotions in every patient. Headaches and migraines were on the list of ailments helped with affirmations and pressure point techniques.

    thanks for sharing.


  8. Hi Yorinda, Thanks for sharing this great information. It really shows how connected the mind and body truly are. Affirmations are truly a wonderful way to change our mindset which can cause us to experience postive healing in our body. I appreciate your list of affirmations and I will share them with my clients to help them on their path to healing.


  9. Thanks for sharing this information. We all need to focus more on how mind and body integrat and are connected. Fresh air, plenty of water and exercise are great remedies as well. Thanks.


  10. Yorinda, So very fascinating! I love all the natural methods and affirmations that you mentioned to help us be healthy. Thankfully I do not suffer from migraines or other types of headaches, but do know others that do. Of course, I will pass on this important information should I run across any they do suffer from this malady.
    Your affirmations are so wonderful!


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