Brain Medial and lateral view of the PFC

Human Empathy

Are Humans Empathetic?

Apparently we have something like ‘Mirror Cells‘ in our brain which causes us to Brain regionsfeel what we see or hear other people are going through.

In the video below Jeremy Rifkin talks about how the human race has developed towards experiencing Empathy.

He addresses a lot of issues in this video. Food for thought and very cleverly demonstrated by drawings.

“The Race to Global Consciousness in a World of Crisis” is the subtitle to the Book:

The Empathic Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin (not an Affiliate link)

RSA Animate – The Empathic Civilisation

For more information you can read Empathic accuracy on Wikipedia.

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11 thoughts on “Human Empathy”

  1. Thanks Yorinda, I’ve seen this video before but forgot all about it – Jeremy is smart and creative – terrific message. There was another video on MSN the other day that was all about how certain animals have empathy just like humans … love stuff like that 🙂


  2. I think we have empathy, but choose to ignore or tune into that part of ourselves. The thing is… we do a lot of learning through it despite the fact we may not even realize that we are.


  3. Hi Yorinda, very interesting video. It’s nice to think that scientists have proved we all have empathy. Love the way all the drawings are done in the video, keeps the eyes captured on the video and because he talks so fast, it’s always interesting.


  4. What a great video Yourinda!
    the word empathy comes from greek en- pathos translated having passion within.
    the empathic embrace is the only energy (invisible hand) that can create change on a social and universal level.
    Thanks Yourinda,
    Best wishes,


  5. Great video! Thanks for posting this Yorinda! This has been very educational and creative. I admire how you have composed this video to impart information. I love your articles and thanks for writing such interesting articles.


  6. That was pretty interesting …our world is getting so much smaller and we are witness to so much more than ever before on a global level.. the future is a mixed bag of excitment and worry. Now that we know the world doesn’t ebd, it keeps going.. I wish I could stay alive for years to come to see what it will be like… our brains are wired for empathy, but we have to tap into it and develop it more. Meditation is the best way to feel it and express it …


  7. Some really serious food for thought Yorinda!

    This is a subject that could definitely use a whole lot more exposure! So you can definitely
    count one me to help get the word out!

    It’s times like these that scientit really earn their wings! Thank for sharing!


  8. Thanks for sharing such a powerful message Yorinda!

    It’s times like these when scientist really earn their wings!

    The video touched on a lot of truly fascinating points.

    And I love the way it was put together! No doubt about it, empathy is one of the most powerful forces within the spirit of hum beings!


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