Coconut Oil

How coconut oil may benefit your health

Coconut Palm Tree of LifeThe Awareness of the Benefits of Coconut Oil is growing rapidly.

Coconut Palms are called the ‘Tree of Life‘ in Asian and Polynesian countries.

Many people now use it in their cooking because of the high heat resistence.

Even though Coconut Oil is a saturated fat is is still a healthy oil due to Lauric acid and the balance of the Medium-chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs). (read more about this below)

Dr. Bruce Fife, a certified nutritionist and naturopath was a skeptic to start with.

He did some extensive research which he compiled in his book “The Coconut Oil Miracle”.

This research gained him the nicknames “Dr. Coconut” and “the Coconut Guru“.

In the introduction of his book, Dr. Bruce Fife writes:

“I started using coconut oil myself and began recommending it to my clients (I am a certified nutritionist and naturopathic physician). I have seen it get rid of chronic psoriasis, eliminate dandruff, remove pre-cancerous skin lesion, speed recovery from the flu, stop bladder infection, overcome chronic fatigue, and relieve hemorrhoids, among other things.

In addition to this, the scientific literature reports its possible use in dental caries (cavities), peptic ulcers, benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate), epilepsy, genital herpes, hepatitis C, and HIV/AIDS. Yes, as incredible as it sounds, I learned that coconut oil can be used to fight AIDS — a dreadful disease that has been considered incurable. Many Aids patients have already benefited.

Another remarkable benefit of coconut oil is its ability to prevent heart disease.” (page 3)

Coconut Oil is important ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine.

On the Coconut Research Center Website the chapter called “Coconut In Modern Medicine” which contains a long list of the possible benefits of Coconut is introduced with:

“Modern medical science is now confirming the use of coconut in treating many of the above conditions. Published studies in medical journals show that coconut, in one form or another, may provide a wide range of health benefits. Some of these are summarized below.

In the chapter “Understanding Fats” and throughout the book “The Coconut Oil Miracle” Dr. Fife explains why the fats in Coconut Oil are so beneficial.

Coconut oil contains 64 % Medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in addition to other beneficial fatty acids. Lauric acid (48%), caprylic acid (4%) Capric acid (7%)
It has Antimicrobial properties because of the complete set.

“The fatty acids that make coconut oil so effective against germs are the same ones nature has put into mother’s milk to protect children.”(p. 70)

Lauric Acid has the greatest antiviral activity. 1 tablespoon of coconut oil contains 7 grams of lauric acid, shredded dry coconut – 2 grams.

Dr. Oz mentions three health benefits of Coconut oil:

  • Weight loss
  • Treats skin conditions since Lauric acid is antifungal
  • Treats Ulcers because it kills bacteria

Coconut Oil Super Powers Part 2 Dr.Oz

Click here if you want more Evidence of the Benefits of Coconut Oil

You can use Coconut Oil for ‘Oil Pulling‘.

You may purchase various quantities at the following link:

Nutiva Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (affiliate link)

Photo Credit: Nuraishah Bazilah Affandi

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15 thoughts on “How coconut oil may benefit your health”

  1. Hi Yorinda! I had no idea coconut oil was so popular.. I have had this skin itch thing going on for the past month or so. I did go to the doctor and he took blood and did a chest ex-ray and everything came back normal.. He did prescribe me some pills but I don’t think they are doing a thing. You know what I am going to try to find me some coconut oil Couldn’t hurt HUH? I guess I am just wondering where to find it? This is great information Yorinda. Thanks for sharing Chery 🙂


  2. I’ve been following the benefits of Coconut oil. I started with the first post you wrote about oil pulling and am feeling good. What puzzles me is that I’m allergic to coconuts, but the oil is fine. Go figure! I must be allergic to the outer shell because since I was a kid and held a coconut I would break out in a rash.

    If I go to the grocery store and touch one by mistake …a rash. But the oil works well. Sill pulling



  3. This is really fascinating Yorinda. Living in the Islands I love coconut – fresh or dried, coconut candy and pretty much anything cooked with coconut in it, but honestly have never paid much attention to the health benefits. Thanks for this great information!


  4. Yorinda, I am seeing the benefits of Coconut Oil everywhere! I just bought another 29 oz container this week. Since I am using it for Oil Pulling, it will go fast. Did you know that the coconut liquid was used as an IV solution during the war? I also read that every part of the coconut is useful for many things. When we lived in the Philippines we saw the outside being used as cooking “briquets”.
    Thanks for the informative post on coconuts!


  5. Yorinda, I’ve got a question. I clicked on your affiliate link: it looks like that oil is in an extract but not liquid form. We’ve got the extract, where you can rub the oil on skin. However, are you saying that the liquid form is something we can actually put in drinks, smoothies, etc?


    1. The coconut oil is solid below 76 degrees, when you put a blob of it in your palm it will melt and then can be applied anywhere on the skin.
      You can use it in any food preparation. Submerse some of the solid oil in a water bath if you want to make it liquid.


  6. I used to use primarily corn oil or canola oil in cooking. Then I switched to olive oil, which I still really like. And then when I found coconut oil I was really impressed with the flavor and the health benefits.

    I knew that our bodies need to take in some fats, but it took me a while to figure out what the best ones were for me, and coconut oil is at the top of the list.

    Thank you, Yorinda for sharing this with us. 🙂


  7. Yorinda,
    wow, you come with such great healthy information, it is amazing.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    I am aware of many benefits of coconut oil. I use it often but not for everything. And reading this info and get to know about Dr.Bruce Fife… made me thing more deeply and look into use it more often.

    Love the ‘Tree of Life‘… wow, we just have to use coconut oil and we can grow our own life tree haha 🙂
    Thanks so much

    Read more:


  8. Hi Yorinda,

    I found it very interesting to hear how it help heart disease , skin conditions etc. It is great to see nature provides natural medicine for so many modern diseases.

    Many thanks for sharing your advice.



  9. To be honest I used coconut oil for the smell. I love it, especially when your sun bathing and you find a good oil with coconut to take you to the tropics!! I have never cooked with it though, going to have to try out a couple of my favorite dishes with it.


  10. I love coconut. I grew up in a country where it’s easy to get fresh coconuts whenever we want to. I love the coconut meat, either in a salad, or in a dessert. I love drinking the fresh coconut water too. I remember my mom use to make coconut oil from scratch and use it for desserts. I would think the coconut oil from the fresh coconut is better than the coconut oil we get here which are in jars, but we use what we have, right? On a separate note, I am wondering how to use coconut oil for skin problems you mentioned on your post. Do you just apply it directly to the skin? I wonder how often do you apply it?


  11. Wow i had no idea that coconut oil could be used for all those things!!! Is there a specific type or brand that is the most pure?
    I would love to get some!!

    Thank you
    Kind Regards, Jessica.


  12. Hi Yorinda,

    The saturated fat found in coconut is a Godsend in my opinion. I cook with organic coconut oil, use coconut milk in smoothies and curries, and snack on shards of dried coconut. Organic eggs, all animal proteins—grass fed only to avoid obesogens and hormones, butter, ghee, and organic dairy.


  13. Hi Yorinda. Your article made me laugh. It wasn’t that many years that people were saying coconut oil was deadly. I love coconut, and I consider adding some oil to my diet. I’ve just about stopped listening to advice on what I should eat. It changes all the time. I wonder if theaters will ever start popping their corn in coconut oil again? That’s what made it so yummy.

    All the best,


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