Coconut Oil

Alzheimer’s Neurodegenerative Diseases and Coconut oil

Brain with Alzheimer's diseasThe beginning of Alzheimer’s disease starts long before we have any symptoms. We can do a lot to prevent it. Now there are a lot of stories of remarkable recoveries from this debilitating condition.

The video below speaks for itself!

Unconventional But Effective Therapy for Alzheimer’s Treatment:

Dr. Mary T. Newport

Read more about Dr. Mary Newport‘s and her husband’s story at:

Physician Prescribes Coconut Oil And Successfully Cures Alzheimer’s Disease

The book Stop Alzheimer’s now How to Prevent and Reverse Dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, and Other Neurodegenerative Disorders by Bruce Fife has very detailed information about the neurodegenerative diseases, their causes and possible cures in it.

Read more about this on the Coconut Research Center website by clicking on the following link:

Conquering Alzheimer’s with Coconut Ketones

Another video about this:

Alzheimer’s Doctors Taking Note of Coconut Oil –

Check out this post on Health Impact News Daily:

Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease: The News is Spreading

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How coconut oil may benefit your health
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Photo Credit: Alzheimer’s Disease on Wikipedia

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16 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s Neurodegenerative Diseases and Coconut oil”

  1. Yorinda!

    I’m sold! This is the BEST YET on the effects of coconut oil. I watched these videos and was in total awe. I need to share this with everyone I know and now I want some too!

    I’ve been reading all the benefits of coconut oil, but here, with this proven study I’m wowoed!



  2. Yorinda,
    great that I come to read your article today.. this topic have been the talk of the town (as per se) since I am recommending coconut oil with every one who talk with me about health choices…

    When I mention that most of my meals contain coconut oil, the usual question come up “an Italian uses coconut oil and not olive oil?” my answer is.. I love extra virgin olive oil that comes from trusted locations in Italy and use it on salads and stuff.. but lately have been replacing it with coconut oil on almost every other dishes that I prepare.

    Perhaps form now on I should change the answer and share your link for them to get the health benefits information directly from your site that is so in depth.

    Thanks so much for advocating good and healthy habits that lead to better health in many, many ways.

    Thanks again.


  3. Yorinda,

    I had no idea how powerful coconut oil is. Since it has a lot of fat, for years I had been told to avoid it. And then I discovered coconut milk to use instead of cow’s milk or soy milk. I wonder if this milk has as many powerful benefits as the coconut oil. But I will make sure to start using coconut oil now. I love it anyway so it is no big deal to switch to using this.


    Dr. Erica


    1. Hi Dr. Erica
      4 1/2 Tablespoons of Coconut milk have 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil.

      Bruce Fife recommends 3 1/2 Tsp of Coconut oil a day and in severe cases up to 8 Tsp.
      Dr. Mary Newport gave her husband Steve 2 Tablespoon for breakfast to start with which improved his test remarkable 4 hours later.

      Thank you for your comment
      To Well Being


  4. Yorinda,

    I adore coconut oil for both the taste and the amazing health benefits! Thanks so much for sharing the videos and study on how coconut oil helps with neurodegenerative diseases. You always provide such helpful information to help all of us heal both emotionally and physically.

    To your health,



      1. Hi Sarah,
        just published a post with Coconut oil recipes.
        Thanks to your post about
        I add coconut oil to most food. Some people even add it to their coffee.


  5. It’s amazing how nature always has an answer for every malady and deficiency we encounter.

    That’s why pharmaceuticals are always based on natural substances, only in a synthetic form.

    Thanks for the good information, Yorinda.


  6. Wow Yorinda! These video’s re very eye opening!! I have been taking a teaspoon of coconut oil every morning for over a month now and I have been feeling so good. I cannot beleive how energized I am.. As you know I have been keeping up with a 3 year old FUN FUN And still have energy to get online after he is down for the day. I never knew how powerful coconut oil really was.. Thank You So much for sharing Chery 🙂


  7. Hi Yorinda,

    Another great information from your site 🙂

    It is great to know about this degenerative diseases can be prevented or cured by eating coconut related food. Your recommendation on using the coconut oil sounds very convincing.

    Once again, I thank you so much for sharing such important natural healthy food with us.

    Pearly Quah


  8. Coconut oil is the real deal Yorinda! I have known this for a bit; when living in SE Asia I downed tablespoons each day. Super energy booster and as we see from the video above it is a super food capable of doing some miraculous things.

    Thanks for sharing!



  9. Yorinda,

    thanks for sharing this. The pharmaceuticals are relatively uneffective in treating and certainly incapable of curing Alzheimer’s disease. There is no cure for Parkinson’s either. I strongly believe in natural ways of curing these diseases. I am a big fan of nutritional and naturals remedies. This is something that I will definitely research and look into and share with those in need.


  10. I know coconut oil has some good health benefits, but I’ve oil had coconut milk and coconut…and that was a few years ago…lol. My aunt has been trying to get me back into starting, but I keep telling her to send me coconuts from Hawaii and we have a deal…lol


  11. I saw this videos a while ago and have been searching for it,This is great information there are some people I know who have relatives with starting Alzheimer, this will be helpful for them to see.There was a German Lady Dr.Budwick ,she recommented it as well ,lonf time ago.


  12. Hi Yorinda,

    This is an incredible information. I had relatives who suffered with this deadly disease and I only wish I had seen this video before. Thank you for sharing this powerful information.


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