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Ketones Coconut Oil Superfuel for the Brain

Ketogenic diet
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Coconut oil has many benefits. It contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) which are converted into Medium Chain Trigycerids(MCTs) which produce ketones which are superfuel for the brain.

Fasting and exercise can contribute to creating Ketones.

The Ketonic Diet which has helped people with epilepsy includes the restriction of carbohydrates. The movie “First do no harm” based on a true story starring Merryl Streep

Merryl Streep introduces the Ketonic Diet

This is in the hope that this post making a difference to ‘one of the thousands of starfishes will get a chance.’

Check out this section of the movie

The Website of The Charlie Fondation has lots more information including recipes.

“Ketones are the superfuel for the Brain.” Richard Veech MD

When coconut oil is used the ketones are produced regardless even though eating less carbohydrates enhances this production even further. Apart from producing ketones it also helps protect the brain and it stimulates cell growth.

Yes, Coconut Oil is a saturated fat which is different to other saturated fats since it has the MCFAs and is very high in Lauric Acid(48%), caprilyc acid and capric acid giving is the anti-viral/bacterial/fungal properties.

We need saturated fats

  • to absorb vitamines and minerals
  • for proper growth,repair and maintenance of body tissue
  • to protect unsaturated fats in the body from free radicals
  • as a preferred source of energy for the heart
  • essential for the lungs
  • helps us feel full

Dr. Bruce Fife has a chapter in his book “Stop Autism Now A Parent’s Guide to Preventing and Reversing Autism Spectrum Disorders” entitled “The Ultimate Brain Food”

“Coconut oil: The Ultimate Brain Food

The MCTs in Coconut oil are converted into ketones, which act as high potency fuel for the brain.
This superful bypasses the glucose metabolic pathway to overcome defects in glucose metabolism. In doing so, it boosts energy output, normalizes brain function, stops erratic signal transmission that lead to seizures, improves cognition and memory, improves motor function, supplies building blocks for the repairs, maintenance and growth of new brain tissues.
Ketones reduce the brain’s need for oxygen, protecting it from injury caused by physical trauma, ashpyxiation, or other causes. Ketones have proven useful in stopping the progression of neurodegenerative disease and even reverse the symptoms.” (page 131)

Stop Autism Now! A Parent’s Guide to Preventing and Reversing Autism Spectrum Disorders (affiliate link)

Read about a diet plan on the following post Ketogenic Diet Benefits Cancer and Weight Loss by Dr. Axe.

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You may purchase various quantities at the following link:

Nutiva Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (affiliate link)

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19 thoughts on “Ketones Coconut Oil Superfuel for the Brain”

  1. Hi Yorinda,

    I am enjoying your posts about coconut oil. This one focuses on how beneficial it is to our brain. Now that’s something I could sure use! Keeping sharp and focused is something that I need to do.

    The benefits are so awesome! I do want to even get my mother on this. She is 82 and is starting to forget some things. She is all up for alternatives – a gal who does tai chi and yoga and goes to accupuncture instead of the doctors. This will certainly help her!



    1. Hi Donna,
      did you see the video of the 85 year old who recovered from Dementia using coconut oil?

      I am glad your mother is open to alternatives and I am sure she will benefit from using the oil.

      To sharp minds!
      Thanks for your comment!


  2. Big fan of the CO Yorinda and since I am heading back to SE Asia in a few months it is time to stock up 😉

    Really a super food here which westerners are just starting to adopt.

    Bonus; coconut oil is ridiculously cheap in Thailand, my fave country 😉

    Thanks for sharing!



  3. Yorinda,
    what a story, what an article and what a great job you are doing to bring this very healthy awareness to the world.. THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU for my self and for others who may benefit from all your hard work to research and write about such important issues that concern so many of us..

    I start to watch the first video and I knew I could not continue (sorry, but even when I am at the movies cannot watch those types 🙂 But I forced my self to watch… well, I could only go as far as when they were fighting about the husband driving the flammable material with his truck.

    I am not certain what the end was but I would not be surprised if he had an accident and the family was under a lot more stressful times.. so my friend, sorry but that was as long as I could take it.

    Feel very sorry for the family and the little kid.. and I wish that to NO ONE ever, and hope that at the end all went well with the “Ketonic Diet” and on another note.. I will investigate to find out more.

    Thanks so much for going deeper into the benefits of Coconut Oil, I have been using it for a long time but not aggressively (you know, as an Italian, Olive Oil is the main one 🙂 But since you started to write about it, I noticed that subconsciously go much more often toward using coconut oil much often… in the last 3 days I have used for my meals and you know what? I believe I can use it even more and I will.

    I do not know how to thank you enough, except leaving a comment and sharing with the social media available… and yes, from now on will share with many other people as well and as you mentioned above, if by sharing this information one person can benefit from it, it was worth while.. let’s do it and hope all the people who need to know about this great oil, will know and use more often.

    Thanks again Yorinda.


    1. Hi Nick,
      it is so good to know that this information is helpful to you.

      I know what you mean about not being able to watch all of the video, I found it pretty rough going too.

      Your appreciation is very touching and really makes me feel good that I have shared what I have learned.

      Thank you for your feedback!
      Love and Light


  4. Yorinda,

    Are you saying in this article that eating coconut oil creates ketones in the body, even if you do not eat a low carb diet? I did go on a high protein, low carb diet but the proteins were too high and that led to an imbalance so I am skeptical about low carb diets.


    Dr. Erica


    1. Yes, according to Bruce Fife ketones do get produced even when consuming carbohydrates.

      In regards to proteins, I don’t do well on a high protein diet either.

      I wonder whether the food we where raised on has something to do with what our digestive system can cope with and any varietions from that have to be gradual.

      To Well Being!


  5. Another great post on coconut oil, thank you Yorinda!
    Keeping focused is something we all need especially a service professionals where it is a must to be productive.
    Having this resource can enhance our health as well as our focus, 2 things in one.
    Thank you again and looking forward to learning more from your posts Yorinda!


  6. Yorinda, Thanks again for another insightful article on the benefits of using amazing coconut oil! I love raw virgin coconut oil and use it every day in my cooking, as a moisturizer, and on my scalp and hair and I have really reaped the benefits from all this oil’s fantastic health properties. To your vibrant health with the help of coconut oil!



  7. Hey Yorinda,

    The benefits of coconut oil are endless! I didn’t think about using it directly on my skin though, what a good idea! And wow curing dementia is amazing!
    Thank you for this great information!

    Kindest Regards, Jessica.


  8. Hey Yorinda, last time I was here I could not finish the video.. well, as they say, “you cannot get enough” and so here is me again watching the second video… WOWWWWW… I LOVE IT… she is so good explaining what TRULY going on with the medical profession… VERY glad I did get the courage to watch… it was a happy one… perhaps will come back and watch the 3rd one soon…

    The benefits of coconut oil are endless, I went online to learn some more… wow, and you know what? Since last time I come here, I have used ONLY coconut oil for my meals and they have been delicious,

    I read that you can use on the skin as well.. perhaps I should since I had a rash (I believe it come out because I was doing a 7 day juice fast and you know how that is haha 🙂

    You are doing an amazing job exposing so much goodness.. PLEASE continue.. I know every one will benefit, including you.

    THANKS so much once again.


  9. This is so exciting shall I say.. I few short years ago we were told not to consume this oil as it was saturated fat!! Thank goodness the real benefits of it are coming to light… Thanks for your great info! I am using coconut oil more and more. Such great info to share with people!


  10. I love coconut oil – we use it every day in our cooking. For those of you near a Trader Joes – they carry Virgin Coconut Oil – and it’s fairly reasonably priced. It takes a little getting used to (it’s solid and not liquid) but it melts easily and is very easy to work with and the very faint coconut smell/taste is lovely.


  11. Thanks Yorinda,

    I have never tried using coconut oil for food. We used coconut milk for cooking coconut rice when we were growing up. We tried it out on the skin earlier this year but not for food. I think it will be good to try it out one of these days.


  12. I remember my mom used to make coconut oil from scratch, and then use it to give flavor to the sticky rice she’s making. I love it. I wish I know how to make it. Which makes me wonder, is it just the coconut oil producing the ketones? Or it could be derived from eating the coconut meat, or juice or the coconut milk too? I use coconut milk often and loves drinking coconut juice. I make salad from young coconut meat as well. I hope I can get the same benefits from these, not just the oil.


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