Demo of World Wide Maze Free Game on Chrome

Demo of World Wide Maze Free Game

World Wide MazeThis post is just for fun, so enjoy!

The video below shows the game in action. (I hope you don’t suffer vertigo!!)
I have used my website to try it out.

When you see the screen below, click the higlighted link to play on the PC.
On the next screen you can enter a URL or play one of the three choices i.e. ‘Google’ or ‘Google Doodles’

WW Maze Game how to play on PC

The Music playing when the ball starts moving is part the game.
To keep the video short I have not played the 3D part as in going up a level

Demo of the World Wide Maze Game

This was recorded the second time I played the game.

This was when my blog was hosted.
I made the game short for the video.
You can go up or down a level when you see the red arrow and dotted lines.

You can play the game here

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9 thoughts on “Demo of World Wide Maze Free Game on Chrome”

  1. Yorinda…

    How much fun is this? I do enjoy playing games sometimes because it gets my mind clear. This 3D game is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing this. I know I’m going to have a blast putting this on my phone. It will come in handy when I am sitting in a waiting room!



  2. Hey Yorinda….what fun……took me a little bit to get going but it is fun…..I probably should leave these types of things alone….I wouldn’t get anything done….lol…..Thanks Yorinda for a nice time….Smokey


  3. Yorinda,
    wow, this sure surprised me … in a happy way ok?

    I always read your great and deep researched articles, mostly on health issues and now here you are with a great 3D game that seem to be really fun (sorry I did not play it but watched your video.. love the music 🙂

    Now I know you do have fun in life and not only that, but you love to share it with others as well and that is nice.

    I am certain many people who like games made a point to learn and do it themselves 🙂

    Thanks so much as always…


  4. This post came along just in time for me to take a little break. That movement kind of makes me a little dizzy… or dizzier! That is a good thing because otherwise I might not get anything done. We all need a little break – thanks for the entertainment! Thanks Yorinda!


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