Empowering Questions help getting more Results we want

Internal KnowingTurning Affirmations into Empowering Questions

A way to engage our own powerful internal search engine we can ask ourselves questions.

The purpose of these questions is to focus on what we want and allow the answers and or evidence to present themselves.
This may happen immediatly or it may take more time.

Focusing on what we want is powerful in itself.

Questions are very effective because when we ask a question the search for the answer is automatic and inevitable.

How often do we ask ourselves questions like “Why do I feel so tired?

Why can’t I …? What’s wrong with me, why don’t I …? – – or worse

Any question we ask ourselves or others, regardless of whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’, activates the internal search engine to find an answer.

What kind of answers would you like to find? My guess is that you would like to find those answers which empower and benefit you.

What we focus on expands, regardless of whether it is a statement or a question.

Affirmations have been tauted as a way of attracting what we want.

It certainly helps when we affirm what we want, since our focus is on that instead of what we don’t want.

What if we would turn Affirmations into Questions?

This is the epiphany Noah St. John had one day in the shower. He then developed what he calls Afformations.

The difference between Affirmations and Afformations is that the first ‘makes things firm’ the latter contributes to ‘forming’ new thoughts.

“Rather than trying to force yourself to believe something that you don’t really believe, you’ll be forming new assumptions about life and your relationship to it, based on what your really want.”The Secret Code to Success by Noah St. John (page 72)

We are already using Afformations but maybe not always to our advantage.
Like in the example of the questions above we are activating our subconscious to focus on and finds the answers to something we don’t really want to manifest more of.

Afformations when used consciously can do just that.

Asking empowering question helps us to access our internal wisdom and knowledge as well as connects us to the universal database.

So, well chosen questions/afformations are using our mind effectively and they also contributes to peace of mind and feeling calmer.

“Change the questions, change the results, change your life.” (The Secret Code to Success page 72)

Creating Questions

To help with creating questions the following may help.

The poem ‘The Elephant Child ‘ by Rudyard Kipling opens with:

I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

‘Why’ is about the motive.

‘How’ is about the method.

“When you ask questions that assumes that what you want is already true, you will activate that part of your brain that will seek to make it so.

And this what will unleash your hidden power to take action and change your life.

Why does this work? Because of your brains embedded presupposition factor: when you ask a question either internally or externally, your brain is wired to search for the answer.

The point of the question is to use your mind in a new way, to focus on what you have instead of what you lack.” ( Afformations by Noah St. John page 54)

Accept the truth of your new question.

Read, write, say them, listen to recordings of them.


  • Why is it so easy for me to …?
  • Why am I …?
  • Why did I …?
  • Why do I have ….?
  • Why do I love …?
  • Why focuses immediately on finding the answer.
  • Why am I so rich? Your mind will focus on all the things you have!

One thing I love doing is turning uplifting messages and/or suggestions from books into questions.

This post has been inspired by the books by Noah St. John The Book of Afformations: Discovering the Missing Piece to Abundant Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness and The Secret Code of Success: 7 Hidden Steps to More Wealth and Happiness (affiliate links)

Click here to read the whole ‘The Elephant Child’ poem

Another interesting and inspiring post about question is Empowering Questions on who you want to be by Marquita Herald.

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27 thoughts on “Empowering Questions help getting more Results we want”

  1. Hi Yorinda,

    Stellar post indeed! It is so true.

    I did this many years ago, when I met my husband who was different from all the rest of the people I have ever known. He was kind and giving. I wasn’t used to that, and found myself rejecting things he wanted to do for me. I asked myself “why am I rejecting this” The answer that came to me was that I didn’t know how to “accept” people being kind to me.

    I turned it into an affirmation for 30 days. I wrote on the bathroom mirror (so I could start my day by remembering it) “I accept all that I deserve” And guess what? After that, it became easy as pie.



  2. Hi Yorinda,

    Great post on affirmations and be creative with them. I haven’t read this book but it definitely sounds like a unique way of practicing the power of spoken words.

    However, until I read the book, I am curious to know the concept as to how it is going to be more helpful than plain powerful affirmations to drive the law of attraction in our favor. Well, I am going to get the book and give it a serious consideration.

    Thank you for sharing and have a great day!



  3. I came across Noah St.John’s afformations a while back and found them very helpful, but had totally forgotten about them! Thanks for reminding me, Yorinda. I’ll see how long I can remember them this time.

    Why do I have such a good memory? 😉



  4. That’s great Yorinda, to turn affirmations into questions. Questions get your brain thinking about the answer (as you said), so it’s keeping your brain active. Repeating affirmations over and over, can be boring, and I find my mind wanders off and thinks about other things. Where as, asking good questions gets my thoughts going in the right direction. Thanks Yorinda.


  5. Yorinda,
    it is so refreshing to read about affirmations as you wrote it here.

    Being inspired by and by a “The poem ‘The Elephant Child ’ by Rudyard Kipling” is so much special… THANKS so much for sharing so much love.

    Interesting how Rudyard put it here:
    “I keep six honest serving-men
    (They taught me all I knew);
    Their names are What and Why and When
    And How and Where and Who.”

    I knew about all of these “men” but I never did think of them as men hahah 🙂

    It is so easy to set affirmation buy having these words as guide… very easy…
    THANKS so much once again.. very helpful and useful every way.



  6. Yorinda,
    I had heard the word “afformations” before from Tony Robbins. Thanks for this reminder. What a wonderful way to think and to speak, to form what you want in a question as if it is easy to achieve and already happening. When I create my huge webinars, what platform will I choose to use? Why is it so easy for me to help people heal their relationships?

    Thank you so much for this lovely post. I will be creating my new afformations daily.


    Dr. Erica


  7. HI Yorinda

    What an interesting concept to turn your questions or the issues that seem to be coming up again and again in your mind into afformations.

    I especially liked you’re idea at the end to turn quotes that inspire you into questions/affirmations that you use. Never thought of doing either of these things and they immediately resonated with me…. guess that’s a sign that I should give them a try.

    I’m going to check out the book you mentioned – sounds like an inspiring read.

    Thanks for sharing- Marty


  8. Very well done!

    I have not thought of using the six areas of good writing in such a way. These are what every investigator police, military and other must master as fundamentals of thought. We had fund with learning various ways of injecting this in our thoughts and others.

    You are right with ask yourself questions in such ways makes your brain function to support that belief. This is not a trick or magic. It really works once you practice it and believe. You must believe in what you speak for this to work in your life.

    Using this method of reasoning to oneself, is going to change the way you function. It is a good thing and positive activity for anyone’s life.

    Yorinda, you keep us growing and that is what I love about every visit to your site. Thank you for all the support you continue to give us. I appreciate you and the time to put in sharing such amazing useful information.


  9. Hi Yorinda. I love afformations. They have helped me to overcome some difficulties and feel more positive as I’ve run into obstacles. It can be so hard to stay positive at times. I have my afformations in PowerPoint slides with pictures to help me visual my goals better. I try to bring them up every day before I start work. Thanks for this post. I’m a believer that they are so beneficial.

    All the best,


  10. Yorinda, Lovely post and the quote from Kipling is fantastic! It really puts focus on the fact that although people like to point out we are our own worst enemies, when the flip side of that is also true. We can be our own best friends and supporters!


  11. I always say, no mater what you are doing, you are the detective… gotta figure it out! I think that we know the answer in many cases.. and some times asking that question helps us clarify what it is we are after… Focusing on what I have instead of what I lack is so much more powerful!!


  12. One thing I’ve learned in coaching is the power of empowering questions. Unlike open-ended questions, empowering questions expands your mind and makes your subconscious search for the answers within, that you may not be fully aware of yet. That’s why I make it a point to ask not only myself but my kids as well, this way. When I was reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki pointed out that if you can’t afford something, don’t shut your mind off by saying you can’t afford it. Ask yourself how can you afford it, instead and it will open up your mind to find the answers.


  13. Hi Yorinda,

    I recall having to make a list of 100 empowering questions that I could ask clients in coaching sessions. These are open-ended questions that generally begin with the word how, why or what and elicit more than yes, no or simple answers. I believe that these deep and powerful questions can help us connect with who we really are and can help clarify our values and stimulate creativity.


  14. What we focus on expands is one of my absolute favorite quotes Yorinda! There is so much power in that statement.

    We have the power to focus on what matters most each and every day and allow growth to happen in an organic and holistic way…no matter what area of our lives we’re looking for new/better results.

    Thank you as always for a thought-provoking post!


  15. Whenever I ask myself a question, I find that I keep searching for the answer. That’s just on a conscious level. I can see that your subconscious would be activated by the same process.

    This is a wonderful method of using affirmations in a different sort of way. Thanks for introducing me to Noah St. John. Sounds fascinating.


  16. Yorinda, I love the idea of using afformations with affirmations to make your dreams a reality! I have used affirmations to really help me achieve many of my goals so I know firsthand how powerful they can be. Now you have given me a new tool to do that will really help me get even more focused on getting the results I want! Thanks so much for sharing this powerful and inspiring info!

    Love and light,



  17. I used affirmations to see me through difficult times but your posts (and their valuable comments) show me how continuing with them can make my life even better.

    I had not thought of asking questions but will definitely try this technique. Thank you again, Yorinda.


  18. That’s some awfully empowering principles Yorinda!

    Such a powerful and empowering thought, if we come to appreciate, that what we focus
    on expands!

    And simply by asking far better, more descriptive questions, we can dramatically alter our
    the direction of life!

    It really cements the fact that are best days truly can and should be ahead of us! Thanks so much for sharing this incredibly inspiring information!


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