Having a Good Day with Nature and Beauty

View from the hillHow can we make each day a good day?

There are lots of things which we can do for ourselves.

One of the things would be spending time in nature.
The TED Talk below has two views on this one by a young girl and another by an elderly man.
It also has a lot of breathtaking images of nature and animals by Louie Schwartzberg.

Louie gives an interesting definition of ‘OMG‘ in the video.

TED Talk: Nature inspires Gratitude
By Louie Schwartzberg


For those times you just want to enjoy nature at home you can explore Louie Schwartzberg’s work on Moving Art. Mobile apps are also available.

Let’s live each day as if it was the first or the last, as David Steindl-Rast suggests in the video.

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15 thoughts on “Having a Good Day with Nature and Beauty”

  1. Yorinda, I loved this amazing video! I always see hummingbirds in my yard along with rabbits and squirrels and I adore them. I also enjoyed watching the mushrooms bloom and seeing the clouds and beautiful sunset. Thanks for sharing these moving images.


  2. OMG Yorinda this video gave me chicken skin it is so stunning! I’ve bookmarked it to watch again. Thank you so much for sharing it. As an artist I have always been fascinated by colors and detail so this is like eye candy for me. Thank you for this incredible inspiration.


  3. That was so moving, and reminded me of being a child during our many trips to the flower shows. I love nature and use to be outside each day. I would even feel compelled to be out during the coldest nights. There is so much to learn.

    This is a video, which must be shared. I feel so fortunate, to have stumbled on this article, Yorinda. Thank you!


  4. Yolanda, It is nice to talk with you again. I have been away far to long. Your post was a great one. The video by TED was so outstanding that I don’t know where to begin. It encapsulated everything I believe in my own life. I would have added just a few things in the video, but it was very near perfect! Thank you so much for sharing this video. It is and will be a GREAT way to start my day today. Let us all be grateful for the regeneration of life that occurs, whether we realize it or not.

    God Bless You and thanks again


  5. Yorinda,
    you had another winner here.. wowowowowow, what an inspiring story and video.. wow!!!

    I happen to see this video before, but could not help watching with interesting gratitude and thankfulness again.. We take our life for granted in so many ways.. we take this moment for granted in so many ways.. I am so glad for everything, I am so lucky fro having the opportunity to be here and now.. I pray to God that I never forget that and pray to be able to enjoy more and for a long time all the precious moments left and I pray for the same to be for everyone.

    THANKS so much once again for bringing such an inspiring story for all of us to enjoy and open our hearts.


  6. Yorinda, I just watched our soon to arrive flower shows in Boston. I learned so much about planting and being involved. This will be the first garden we are cleaning and turning the soil in the area marked for planting this next weekend.

    This year we will have plenty of space for our wild flowers. The roses always has their natural place in front of the compound facing the highway. We love the various trees in the back of the side location. Right before the garage is a beautiful white leaf tree that only blooms right before spring is over. I have no idea when that old tree was planted. I am going to take a picture of it this year to determine what it is.

    Getting back to nature is not seasonal I have learned. Each month is something new to discover and it can be right in back of your house!

    Thank you again for bringing up this lovely topic.


  7. There is a new songbird outside my window and each morning he awakens me with this song – just laying it bed and listening for 5-10 minutes just sets the mood for the whole day. – I just can’t imagine not spending time outdoors every day – probably one of the best reasons for me to have a dog is just that – without a dog I’m not so sure I’d get as much time in outside – and it would be a big loss for me.


  8. Yorinda that was such a creative and unique video. I couldnt agree more with it as well. I think it is all about our perceptions on life and this video could really open ones eyes to seeing new things in items we already do. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Yorinda, As Spring has sprung here in the UK I recently went out for a walk in the woods. It was a lovely sunny day and standing in the middle of the natural world really did lift my spirits. I shall be doing it more often đŸ™‚


  10. Getting outside and enjoying nature is my favorite way to relax. It gets me away from the computer and out into the sunshine where I can just walk, breathe and enjoy all that’s around me!


  11. Hi Yorinda. This was a very inspirational video! I’m glad I took time from my day to watch it, because it helped me reconnect with what’s most important — i.e., realizing that we need to live each day to its fullest as if it’s the last day and enjoying the people and the world around us. Thanks for sharing it.

    I highly recommend that others watch it. It will uplift you!


  12. I love spending time in nature and enjoy camping whatever the summer weather brings, it is so exhilarating being out with nature and living differently even if it is for a short while!!!


  13. What a truly inspiring video Yorinda!

    That is simply amazing what Jeff captured on film. And so inspiring as wel.
    And that little girl’ description and interpretation of things shows how wise beyond her years that
    she is!

    There is just far too much being taken for granted and yet so much to be truly thankful for!

    Thanks for sharing such a truly inspiring video!


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