Understanding ourselves through Hand Analysis

Left handHand Analysis and Understanding Ourselves

Understanding ourselves is probably one of the most important things we can do in our lives. 

A while ago I stumbled on Hand Analysis through Leanne Chesser‘s blog. Reading her posts sparked my curiosity. 

I like to express my sincere appreciation to Leanne for taking the time to prepare this very comprehensive analysis and help to understanding myself.

Richard Unger has developed Hand Analysis, a scientific approach to analysing finger- and handprints, to provide a way to know ourselves more.
Some of the aspects a Hand Analysis covers are:

  • Your Life School (the general program)
  • Life Lesson (challenges)
  • Life Purpose (what gives you meaning)
  • Gifts (and what happens if we don’t use them)

The comments in brackets are just an example, there is so much more to all of these in the analysis.

What did the Hand Analysis do for me:

It gave me a deeper insight into myself, into the challenges I experience(d) in my life.

It felt good to read about the gifts I have, as well as having pointed out what happens when I don’t use my gifts.

One thing that came up a few times was ‘finding out what I want’, which is something I only started to consciously explore in my late fifties and it is ‘work in progress’.

When I read that I can have a tendency to ‘do whatever’ it was ouch, yes, that is true. I suppose it is my rebell teenager part who was not able/allowed to test the waters. (time to have a conversation with that part of me and reframe this).
Yes, I do want to be able to do whatever, whenever, don’t we all, to have the freedom to live life at my own terms with no restraint. Well, I do have restraints, financial ones, to name just one. According to my hands I do have the ability to ‘turn things into gold’.

The life school I am in is about  the need to take action and be vulnerable through emotional exposure seems to be very fitting. This is the ‘School of Wisdom‘, sounds great, huh? Part of it is learning to move from being and observer to becoming a participant; from analyzing, being in my head to diving in. I can relate to that. I am still learning to make decisions.

The part about ‘Blocked Passions’ also helped me understand more what has been/is going on in my life. (i.e. feeling trapped by other’s needs, which is what I grew up with and continued to experience in my relationships)

One of my gifts is about expressing my individuality and creativity in the spotlight. Wouldn’t it be nice iff I would use it in combination with another gift, the ability to turn things into gold?

Writing and speaking were some of the suggestions for these expressions. Since my twenties I have wanted to write a book and have at times dreamt of holding seminars. I have done a lot of writing/mostly journaling over the years and I have also facilitated small groups.

Recently I have been writing ‘stories which want to be told’ in my morning journaling session. My intention is to share some of these on this blog.
Facing and embracing feeling vulnerable when I make my writing public seems a big challenge. My hope is that sharing my experiences may assist some one else in understanding and resolving something that is grey in grey.

The Hand Analysis, (A PDF over 29 pages) so generously provided by Leanne Chesser, has helped me to see things more clearly, turning the grey in grey hunch into black and white awareness.

The quote below as is a reminder to myself and those who may need it.

“If you don’t risk anything you risk even more.” Erica Jong

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20 thoughts on “Understanding ourselves through Hand Analysis”

  1. Yorinda, I love the insights you gained from the hand analysis. I’m excited to see how things unfold for you, especially your “stories that want to be told.” Knowing yourself (and loving yourself) are definitely key. Like Aristotle (or Socrates) said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”


  2. Wow Yorinda!

    First of all, welcome back! Please forgive me, but I must confess, that I really had no clue that so much remarkable insights could be gained from the hand reading analysis process.

    And it appears (at least) from what you’ve written, that the analysis is extremely intricate and very enlightening.Thanks for sharing your experiences with it.


  3. Yorinda,

    I have had brief hand analysis a few times in the past. I am looking forward to checking out Leanne Chesser’s pdf after reading all the benefits in terms of personal understanding that you received.

    Dr. Erica


    1. Hi, Erica! I just thought I’d reply and clarify. The PDF that Yorinda referred to was the written analysis that I provided for her, so it’s not available on my site. You can learn more about it on my blog, though, if you’re interested. I wrote a post called the Ultimate Life Purpose Guide that addresses hand analysis a bit.


      1. Hi Leanne,
        thank you for responding to these comments.
        It is so much better to have your reply, to help people understand all this.

        Much appreciated!


  4. Hello Yorinda, Welcome back my friend! I to have been very curious to find out more about this hand analysis. Yes one of these days I will have to get with Leanne and find out more about all of this.

    It does sound like you had a great break though with yours, I am looking forward to learning more about this..

    Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))


  5. Yorinda,

    First I like to say I like the new style of your site, it looks really clean and easy to navigate! I have never tried hand analysis but after reading your post on all the fantastic insights you have discovered from doing it, I will have to find out more by checking out Leanne’s pdf. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to read more of your personal stories from your journal in upcoming posts.

    Love and light,



    1. Hi, Shelley. I just wanted to clarify about the PDF. The PDF that Yorinda referred to was the written analysis that I provided for her, so it’s not available on my site. You can learn more about it on my blog, though, if you’re interested. I wrote a post called the Ultimate Life Purpose Guide that addresses hand analysis a bit.


  6. What exactly is the scientific approach to hand analysis? What are they looking at? Is this different than the fortune tellers that read the lines in your hand to predict your future? How has what you’ve learned from your hand analysis affected the way you live your life?


    1. To answer some of your questions:

      Yes, it’s different than fortune telling. Hand analysis isn’t predictive.

      As a hand analyzer, I look at fingerprints and the lines and markings on your hands to see what they say about your life purpose, life lesson(s), life school and certain characteristics about yourself.

      Here’s what a mentor of mine, Ronelle Coburn, has to say: “Hand Analysis is an innovative non-predictive approach to what hands have to say pioneered by Richard Unger, founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA). It is a well-researched repeatable Life Purpose and Personality Psychology assessment tool that has been validated by use with over 150,000 people over the last 35 years.” That’s where the scientific aspect comes into play.


  7. Yorinda

    I love all these types of things, I have had foot analysis and Biofeedback done to tell me what I need to fix to get my body in balance. Now I know what the next thing to go explore is.

    Thanks for sharing



  8. Hi Yorinda. I’ve done many things in holistic health, but have never experienced hand reading, so I was very curious to read your account of it. It sounds like it was very helpful and insightful for you. Did you find some of the insights you gained from it surprising? Or would you say you knew them on an intuitive level and the hand reading brought them to the forefront?


    1. Thanks for your comment Karen!
      Some of it I kind of knew, but the analysis clarified that knowing big time.
      Some of it was surprising me, mostly because they were about things I have been trying to ‘hide from myself’.
      Now that these all are cleared it is easier to face my ‘reluctance’ and move ahead!
      Using my gifts, instead of hiding.


  9. Hi Yorinda,

    I first want to say I love the new look of your site!

    I am a fan of hand analysis! I had it done a few times in the past and it raised questions to my mind like you have written here. My potential was raised as it was brought up in that session. I must say that it did give me a better perspective of myself.

    Thank you Leanne for bringing this to light and Yorinda for writing about this.



  10. Hello Yorinda,

    This is a very interesting post and concept. I have heard of people being able to analyze hands and telling a lot about you as a person and about your future. This was very interesting to read and it sounds like you are doing well! Thank you for sharing 🙂


  11. Yorinda, I am excited with your presence once again!

    I have read your blog for years now. I notice lots of people are into hand readings. This art is ancient as the beginning of time? I wonder what has sparked the hunger, of this ancient art.

    The things you experience and the awakening, are well worth it! I have not read this book and never had my hands read. Yet, belief is as strong as your faith. You have the gifts and looking back in your life. Noticing the traits that keep appearing, is what you focus on. This will help you achieve all you can vision as a future.

    Thank you for this enlightenment on a lost art. I look forward to re-connecting and learning from you.


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