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The Healing Code developed by Dr. Alex Loyd

The Healing Code
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Thanks to an audio replay I came across ‘The Healing Code’ which was developed by Dr. Alex Loyd.
His wife had depression for over 12 years and none of the conventional and alternative methods have helped.

He even got the 2 doctorates (natural medicine and psychology) to help her.

The Healing Codes work on finding and clearing internal stress by activating four centres (which work on the amygdala, pineal, hypothalamus, thyroid, central nervous system and spinal column).

His wife is free of depression since she has used the Healing Code and a lot of his clients have recovered from all sorts of symptoms including MS and Lou Gehrings, as in the case of Dr. Ben Johnson the co-author of the book.

I just finished reading his book, fascinating information!
Since I find I get overwhelmed easily I have used the technique in a general way just by saying the ‘prayer’ first and then placing my fingers above the centres for 30 sec ( 4 rounds = 6min) 2 to three times a day.

It feels like a meditation (which it is), one that I am actually drawn to do. I found it calming and soothing.
I feel a shift in my energy and moods.

Try this!

Hope (former Tracy) Loyd talks about her struggle and recovery from Depression

Healing Codes links on my Listly list
this list will be added to.

My Wishlist on Amazon has the book on it.

I created a 6 minute visual timer with soothing music to use for my sessions.

The audio replay was with Kirstin Howell from Manifest everything now wich has lots off free interesting interviews.

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