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Alternative Porridge Recipe

My Alternative Porridge Recipe

Porridge3 Table spoons of  Oats
cook them


1 Tablespoon of Coconut oil ( link to my posts)

1 teaspoon of Sole (link to my post)
Himalayan salt/water solution

2 teaspoons of Coconut sugar

juice of  1/8 of a Lemon

stir and eat and enjoy

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Dr. Axe on Coconut Sugar



Coconut Oil Article Links

Coconut OilCoconut Oil has lots of health benefits and can be use in many yummy recipes.

Externally it can be used in lots of ways too for skin, hair and more.

Coconut Benefits on Listly

Coconut Benefits on this Blog

Coconut Recipes on Listly

Other Uses for Coconut Oil on Listly

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The Healing Code developed by Dr. Alex Loyd

The Healing Code
Click on Image to go to Amazon (Not an affiliate link)

Thanks to an audio replay I came across ‘The Healing Code’ which was developed by Dr. Alex Loyd.
His wife had depression for over 12 years and none of the conventional and alternative methods have helped.

He even got the 2 doctorates (natural medicine and psychology) to help her.
Continue reading The Healing Code developed by Dr. Alex Loyd

Empathy versus Sympathy

Brain Medial and lateral view of the PFCThe video below demonstrates in a funny way Brené Brown‘s way of explaining the difference between empathy and sympathy.

The definition of empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another” while the “feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune” is the one for sympathy. 

Did you ever experience that unpleasant feeling when you are telling someone your deepest emotions and their response was sympathetic?

How was it when someone was really just there with you when you expressed what is going on for you? 

May this video contribute to more connections in our times of vulnerabilities!

According to neuroscience empathy is closely related to the mirror system in the brain.

Photo Credit: Empathic accuracy on Wikipedia

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Therapeutic Benefits of Knitting


Knitting can help our Well Being

A few month ago I stumbled upon a craft group in our local library. I was given some wool and knitting needles since I was keen to join in.

One of the ladies in her seventies told me that she is a co-ordinator for Operation Cover Up(OCU) group in the Rodney area north of Auckland. You may be able to imagine my surprise and wondering if I heard  right. Yes, I did hear correctly. Continue reading Therapeutic Benefits of Knitting

Turning self-defeating Beliefs into Empowering Questions

Embroidered BrainsTurning self-defeating Beliefs into Empowering Questions

Becoming aware of our thoughts and beliefs can help us change them.

On page 82 in the book ‘Super Brain’ by Dr. Deepak Chopra & Rudolph E. Tanzi self defeating beliefs are referred to as software programs, but “they are even more pernicious since they dig in deeper with every repetition.” Continue reading Turning self-defeating Beliefs into Empowering Questions