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How to build an App for free

This easy to follow video tutorial shows you how to build a free App

The App used to create this is Yapp

A few features have been added and some changed.

Thank you David A. Cox for providing these easy to follow instructions.


Appreciation for Matt Mullenweg and WordPress

This post is about my appreciation for the developer of WordPress Matt Mullenweg.Matt Mullenweg

You can find out more about him on Matt Mullenweg on Wikipedia

The reason Matt was brought to my attetion today was a link to Matt: Philosophical Conversation with Reid Hoffman in my WordPress dashbord. Continue reading Appreciation for Matt Mullenweg and WordPress

Visual Editor and WordPress 3.5 Update

Updating to WordPress 3.5

Visual Editor in WordPressUpdating WordPress may not be one of the most favorite things we do.

I am so glad to have learned from Kimberly Castleberry how to do update WordPress safely.

First there is the backing up your WordPress. Then the deactivating of the plugins and making sure that they all work with the latest version.

When I finally hit the ‘update’ button I walked away from the screen and wished for the best.

When I came back the screen was mainly white with the words “No data received”. Great, the internet connection must have cut out again. Continue reading Visual Editor and WordPress 3.5 Update

Keyboard Shortcuts Save Time

Kitten on KeyboardDo you want to make your time on the Computer and Internet more efficient?

Keyboard shortcuts can help with that.

When you create a new blog post or content you can use the following:

Function Windows Mac Mouse
Copy Ctrl C Command C Right click select copy
Paste Ctrl V Command V Right click select paste
Cut Ctrl X Command X Right click select cut

The Key for Undo is Z

You can do the same with Bold (b), Underline(u) and Italic(i).

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

The Chrome Browser (it is free) seems to be a lot quicker and no jumbled format,

and once you filled in any form your details will be there to choose from as soon as you type the first letter. This means less typing.

Photo Credit: Kitten on Keyboard by Mr Thinktank

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