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Funny Ventriloquist with Baby

Ventriloquist with Baby

Yellow Fluffy DuckHaving a good laugh is so good for our Well Being.
Some people have healed themselves by watching funny movies all day long.

Watch Paul Zerdin do this funny Audition

Wouldn’t you have wanted a duck instead of a scary bad wolf in your childhood stories?

Photo Credit: Yellow Fluffy Duck on Pixabay

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Playing and Meditating with Mandalas

Playing and Meditating with Mandalas

Mandala with starsDo you think that coloring in is only for children?
Think again!

It can be very meditative and relaxing when we spend time to color in Mandalas.
Doing this is just for our own benefit and the outcome doesn’t matter. Nobody has to see it.
You don’t even have to keep the end result, the positive effects are in the process. Like with a lot of things in life.

Mandala – sanskrit for Circle – has been used since ancient times for self reflection, centering and relaxtion.

Looking at mandalas and coloring them in can be very therapeutic!
Be sure to take a break with the Mandala Medition in the You Tube video below.

Continue reading Playing and Meditating with Mandalas

Demo of World Wide Maze Free Game on Chrome

Demo of World Wide Maze Free Game

World Wide MazeThis post is just for fun, so enjoy!

The video below shows the game in action. (I hope you don’t suffer vertigo!!)
I have used my website to try it out.

When you see the screen below, click the higlighted link to play on the PC.
On the next screen you can enter a URL or play one of the three choices i.e. ‘Google’ or ‘Google Doodles’

WW Maze Game how to play on PC

The Music playing when the ball starts moving is part the game.
To keep the video short I have not played the 3D part as in going up a level

Demo of the World Wide Maze Game

This was recorded the second time I played the game.

This was when my blog was hosted.
I made the game short for the video.
You can go up or down a level when you see the red arrow and dotted lines.

You can play the game here

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Music Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to heavenRecently I have been playing more music and found it uplifting and energizing.

This is just such an amazing version of this song and I just want to play it again and again.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin – Kennedy Center Honors

What is your favorite song at the moment?

How do you interpret the meaning of this song?

Are you climbing your stairway to heaven?

Photo Credit: Adjusted Stairway to heaven

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Benefits of Laughter

Laugh out loudLaughter has many Health Benefits

How does laughter make you feel?

Have you ever had a time when you laughed a lot in a short time? How was that?

Laughter is the (best) Medicine’ is one of the sayings.

Now research confirms that laughter has beneficial effects on our well being.

A good belly laugh not only brings more oxygen to our lungs it also helps expel stale air (carbon dioxide CO2).

Most people have a residue of 2500-2800 ml CO2 in their lungs. So the more this gets expelled the more oxygen can be taken in. Continue reading Benefits of Laughter

The Importance of Bees


Honey Bee on a Lavender FlowerAre we appreciating bees for all the do on the planet?

The Bee Movie is a fun film for all ages.

Yes, it is animated and seems like entertainment for children.

It also addresses important issues.

“Why does his life have less value than yours?” is one of the questions asked as the woman saves the bee from being squashed.

Everything is part of the whole, an expression of Source Energy and important in the functioning of the planet.

Bee Movie‘ is a cleverly animated film with a message about the importance of bees.
The humor woven into the story included some fascinating parallels to humans and our idiosyncrasies.

How much do we take flowers, plants and trees for granted?

What about honey or any products containing honey.

Can we learn things from bees?

For more information watch

Honey bees – Natural History

Photo Credit: Steve Johnson

You can view a trailer of the Bee Movie here.

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Vision Board and Affirmations

The Law of Attraction responds to our thoughts and feelings.

Sunrise with pink cloudsAffirmations can help establish new neural pathways through repetition of chosen thoughts.

Thinking, reading and hearing the thoughts we want to focus on makes a powerful combination for this reconditioning process.

Thoughts turn into feelings, beliefs and then into vibrations which then attract what we have been focusing on. Continue reading Vision Board and Affirmations

How to Include Music with your vision board

Milford soundLaw of Attraction works for us to create our dreams when we emanate the frequency of what we want.

With other words: When our thoughts are combined with feelings then we are vibrating what we want.

Including Music and Voice Recordings in our Vision Board can help generate the feelings = Activation of Law of Attraction. Continue reading How to Include Music with your vision board

Vision Board and Images

Jumping for JoyThe last post was about how we can use Affirmations and Power Words so the Law of Attraction can manifest the dream/goal/vision we have.

This post is about how Images add to the effect of words/affirmations.

Using Images which provoke the positive emotions of our Affirmations will add even further to generate the vibrations in harmony with our vision. Continue reading Vision Board and Images

Vision Board for realising your Dreams

View from the hill Hibiscus CoastVision Board posters with images of dreams and goals have become a popular tool for people.

The brain ‘thinks’ in pictures, that is why a visual representation of what we imagine is so powerful.

Since we now have technology available we can create Vision Boards on the computor with Publisher and or Photo Manipulation programs like GIMP (free) or Photoshop. Continue reading Vision Board for realising your Dreams