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Do you know where you want want to go?

Is that idea crystal clear or in the Process of developing?

Would talking about it with someone who has their undivided focus on what you are talking about help?

Are your ideas are still in the process of coming together?

Would it help to brainstorm with someone who is accepting of whatever you come up with?

Are you already in the development stage of your ideas?

Is developing flowing smoothly or could you do with talking about some of the challenges you may be encountering?

Are you aware that you have the answers within you and that someone like a coach can help you find them?

Would you like to have a spa for your mind where the support of someone listening and through asking question could make a difference?

You may or may not have had any experience talking things over with a coach.

You may wonder whether you actually want to work with a particular coach.

That is why you can have the first 15 min FREE to get an idea if you want to work with me.

Fill in the form on the right (top) to contact me and we can connect via Skype.

“Yorinda and I have been coaching for over 6 months and I highly recommend her as an effective and talented coach.  Yorinda is very positive and supportive.  She is an excellent listener and has the ability to re-frame problems that I encounter into action steps that are do-able and easy.  She is focused, trustworthy, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  If you are looking for direction, balance or ongoing support – Yorinda Wanner can help you with any or all.” by 
Karen Phelps


2 thoughts on “Coaching”

  1. Coaching can unlock our goals and visions and release us from our self-made prisons. Since I began the coaching experience I have been able to work out what my real passion is and to apply steps towards achieving my vision. I recommend coaching as a way to move forward in your life.


  2. Yorinda,

    All the top athletes in the World have a coach. Many top executives have a coach! Top dancers have a coach! Very few people are so successful that they could NOT benefit in some way from a coach. If you are in a home-based business, having a coach is especially critical. So many areas that the home-based business owner needs to be an expert in. For instance, accounting, sales (when someone calls you up asking about your service), customer service (how to handle unhappy clients), online and social media marketing, how to run a WordPress website, how to manage your time and your goals. A coach can help someone achieve balance in health, business, personal and professional and spiritual.

    And I’m sure you are a Great Coach, Yorinda!

    ~ Jupiter Jim


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