Positive Attitude

A repeated thought creates a feeling

The other day I heard someone say: ” You use cheats (notes,  next to the phone) to help you remember what questions you could ask?” and I noticed that for me the word ‘cheats’ caused an uncomfortable feeling. Well, I may be only one of few who reacts to that word.

So, I thought about what other word could be used that says the same in a way that only has positive feelings  as a result.

This reminded me of when I was learning to replace  a lot of words in my everyday language with more positive feeling , empowering words.

Here are a few examples:

Should Could
Have to Choose to
Need Want
Can’t afford Choose to budget
It is cold It is not that warm
Problem Challenge
Stranger A friend I haven’t met yet
Must Choose to
Don’t forget Remember
Don’t Do this instead
React Respond

The important part of choosing different words is that they feel better and are more empowering to ourselves and others.

We do have a choice and that can be reflected in the words we use.

The more we use positive words the more we attract positive experiences.


When we are new at something it is  like being in “baby shoes”.

The more we do something and it works the more  our confidence grows.

Just like a baby seems to strive on the encouraging word of the parents/adults around when it is taking it’s first steps, we strive on encouragement as adults from others.

Hearing “well done, good job , I like the way you did/said… Good on you for starting, giving it a go, you are so clever ” can make all the difference especially when we are embarking on doing something new. We can say those things to ourselves.

It is also important what we think about our own efforts. If we think poorly of what we did it is highly unlikely that others think otherwise. Even if they would and/or say something positive about our work, we would not be able to let it in and believe it.


15 thoughts on “Positive Attitude”

  1. Hi Jorinde,
    great post, I love it. Your choice of words to replace less empowering words are the same as I choose to use 🙂
    I agree, praise is a big part of building confidence and self esteem.
    Thanks for sharing.
    To Health & Harmony


  2. Hi Yorinda,
    You put it so well! I love your examples of empowering words! Another great post! My confidence goes up just reading your stuff. I really like how you think! Thanks for putting it out there for us!


  3. I have a friend that I appreciate for her constant reminders to change my words to something more positive. In the last few months, I’ve improved my positive word ratio immensely. Maybe we should all find a positive partner to converse with!


    1. Hi Teresa,
      yes it definitly helps to have someone to talk to that is consciously choosing good feeling thoughts (most of the time). I am happy to be your ‘Good feeling thoughts Buddy’


  4. Thanks for the positive message Yorinda!

    Choice of words is so important. We can empower ourselves and others through what we say or we can accomplish the opposite.

    A great one for many coming from a scarcity mentality is instead of saying “I can’t afford it”, they should think and say, “how can I afford this” meaning they know it can be done they just don’t know the way that will be provided yet 😉

    In Success,
    Howie Perks


  5. Woww…I luv all the great energy you got here on your blog and awesome topic you got here. Mahalo, Lani 🙂

    PS…feel free to stop by and give me a hoot or tweet. I saw a comment on FB, and here I am. stay cool!


  6. Yorinda,
    I like your list! I’ll share my favorite with you….. it’s so easy to often say “I haven’t had the time” when explaining why something isn’t finished or a project hasn’t been started, etc. A better choice of words is “I haven’t made the time….” It simply indicates that we have a choice as to how we spend our 24 hours…the same 24 hours we all receive. It is much more empowering to indicate that we own our time rather than the other way around..

    Thanks for a great reminder to choose carefully the words we use today!



  7. I love this post, Yourinda. It is so easy to be down and negative and always good to have some tricks in the bag to turn that frown upside down. Thank you for sharing.

    Wishing you a song in your heart,


  8. Hey Yorinda I love seeing these kinds of lists that help us to really think about what we are saying. Its all a leaning curve for people isn’t it, I wonder where all this negativity started, why were we not bought up in the first place to speak and use words more positively than we do now?? When and where did it all go wrong 🙂
    great post


  9. Hi Yorinda ~ What a wonderful, empowering post! I luv this concept you share of replacing our “everyday” words with words of same meaning, yet more positive! And you are correct in that the more you do something, the more confidence you’ll gain, and it shows 🙂 Christine


  10. I agree, a repeated thought creates a feeling. Examine your thoughts, are they positive? Ask yourself, “Do I want positive feelings or negative feelings?” Everything settles down to choice. Your thoughts and feelings are your choice.
    I really appreciate the list of empowering words. Power vs Force ( David Hawkins) has a more extensive list for any viewers wanting more. Still I am left to wonder, what empowering word would be used instead of ‘cheat’ in the term ‘cheat notes’?

    Great post. I look forward to many more –

    Terrific Tonya


  11. Love this post.I think word choice is very important.The word try is a very weak work.If I hear someone say I will try to be somewhere I know they are not coming.I also feel we should never say don’t because like you posted if you say remember to tell me…vs. don’t forget to remind me then the person will probably remember.Everyone ought to learn these word uses.Thanks!


  12. Yorinda,

    I agree, nothing but being positive in your daily walk. Sharing that by edifying others will empower them to remain positive themselves.

    You have a great article here. Keeping on good thoughts for all situations. Being aware that you can locate good in every situation. Also, in everyone with never mind to them being negative. You can change the very environment by empowering others around you on positive activities and thoughts. Keep them smiling and nothing but good can come from happy thoughts.

    I love your site and will be making this a weekly visit. Checking your wonderful supportive information throughout your site.

    Yorinda, your passion shows through the subject matter shared. Your giving a much needed service of mentoring with ethical ways. I appreciate all that your doing and look forward to more.


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