Positively worded Affirmations

Why do I keep my Promise to myself

In her first book  ‘Heal your body”  Louise Hay introduced affirmations to help with clearing any pattern we may had in our consciousness, which may have created a disease / physical condition.

Since then a lot of Authors have written about how Affirmations, Esther and Jerry Hicks who write about The Law of Attraction are some of them.

The use of Affirmations can be very powerful when they are positively worded so our subconscious can accept them.

If we use affirmations which cause thoughts of doubt they are producing resitance which is counterproductive to what we want to achieve.

We all are at different phases/stages in our lives and different affirmations work for different people. The purpose of this post is to give people an idea of how they can word their affirmations to more effectively live their lives.

I love the thought of feeling better and better.

I love the thought that it is within my power to feel better and better.

I love the thought that the better I feel the better my life gets.

I love the thought of doing things that feel good.

I love the thought that it is within my power to feel better and better.

I love the thought of moving to hope to belief to knowing to joy to freedom to feeling empowered.

I love knowing that I have what it takes to do what I want.

I love the thought of being committed to feeling good.

I love the thought of being committed to being aware of how I feel and to reaching for better feeling thoughts and doing things that feel good.

I love the thought of aligning  first and then feeling moved to inspired action.



10 thoughts on “Affirmations”

  1. Hi Jorinde!

    Thanks for inviting me back to your Blog…it’s always nice seeing you. 🙂

    I LOVE the way you worked LOVE into your affirmations. These will flow so wonderfully through the mind making them very easy to process.

    Have a pleasant day…your tribal friend Steven Suchar


  2. Hi Jorinde,

    Great blog you have here and I loved your post. I use affirmations and know they do work and it keeps us thinking about what we want. I look forward to more of your posts.

    have a blessed day!!! Karen


  3. It’s so important to set the affirmation first, then allow Spirit to move through you with InSpiration. It makes everything you do seem effortless.

    I am whole and perfect as I was created. Abundance flows through me from expected and unexpected sources.


  4. Yorinda,

    I was told that affirmations are used to let your subconscious mind know what you want and the universe will move around you to get you what you want.

    Through the Secret I am reminded that you need to be joyful when doing your affirmations since joy is a strong feeling that will help your subconscious receive the message at a greater rate.

    So I have learned to combine the two. I stopped doing the one thing I love which is crocheting. Instead, I would spend all my time studying and working on my business. It wasn’t until I learned about the purpose of being happy did I realize I was doing more harm then good. So I picked up my crochet hok and as I would crochet each stitch, I would repeat “I am happy”, I am successful”, “I am strong”, etc.

    I am working on a blanket….I should have this pretty well drilled into my head by the time I am done…lol



  5. This is wonderful Yorinda! I never really knew of different ways to word affirmations, and I’m going to find these very helpful! I definitely use daily affirmations myself and feel they have changed my life for the better!

    Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!


  6. Hi Yorinda-

    I love this post. I think we all need something to reel us back in after a bad/long day. I think these are very useful and I am going to begin using them myself. Thanks for the post, I am going to pass this on!

    Cori Hughes


  7. I have been practicing affirmations for abut a year and it seemed strange in the beginning. The affirmations have become part of my life, and I am happier and doing better in all aspects of my life. I would encourage anybody to follow the advice given in this post.


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