The Power of our Thoughts

Which thought feels better?

Our thoughts are powerful with feelingsBeing aware of how we feel is one of the main ingredients to becoming more empowered.

Because when we are aware of how we feel we can then choose better feeling thoughts.

Sometimes we think we are thinking about something we want like more money, a good relationship, a healthy body with the ideal weight etc. etc., but is the way we are feeling congruent with what we are thinking or talking about.

It seems like sometimes other people can pick up on that we don’t feel the way we are talking.

We may say “I really want to have more money” and the feeling that is running side by side with this thought is “I wanted more money for a long time and it hasn’t come yet” or “I don’t know how to make it happen”.

We think we are focused on what we want, but the feeling is running a cross current, which causes the Law of Attraction to respond, because we are not allowing it to happen.

So this brings me back to being aware of how we are feeling. Writing your thoughts down and noticing how they feel is a good way to generate more awareness.

Once we are aware of the ‘real’ feeling underneath the thought, we then can choose better feeling thoughts.

This is where it gets exciting:

When we feel better the Law of Attraction can then respond to that feeling.

It is like climbing a ladder one rung at a time. Keep choosing better feeling thoughts and climb the ladder to the manifestation of your desires.

It may take a while, depending on how many unconscious or conscious thought (conditioned) habits we have.

Feeling better as we climb the ladder is worth it in itself.

Personally, I very much appreciate having learned how to do this through “The Teachings of Abraham”.

Every day I give thanks for knowing that I can be aware of my feelings and reach for better feeling thoughts. I feel so much better than when I started using the processes/games (22 of them) which are in the Ask and it is Given book.


15 thoughts on “The Power of our Thoughts”

  1. I agree. Noticing our feelings will certainly help understand what our thoughts are focused upon and, consequently, what we are really asking.

    Great post! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    To your prosperous journey



  2. Hi Yorinda,
    Our feelings can sometimes lead us astray and take us to the moments of the past to the future which can be stressing at times because it happens almost at the same time so by noticing our thoughts we can monitor our present moment which is really important to the way we feel and to what we want to achieve.


    ~Kebabope Morapedi


  3. Hi Yorinda,

    As always I enjoyed reading your post. You are right on . . .our minds are so powerful. We all have a choice on what we want to think and we seem to want to dwell on the negative so often. I look forward to my return trip at your blog.

    Go out and make it a great day!
    Lloyd Dobson 🙂


  4. Hello Yorinda, and thank you for such a beautiful and powerful blog post!! It is definitely a journey, learning how to first of all even KNOW what we are feeling, why we are feeling it and the power those FEELINGS have! So often I myself forget this very important step in manifesting the life of my dreams! When I do remember … WOW, what a difference it makes!!

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog! It looks wonderful! 🙂


  5. Hi Yorinda. I enjoyed this post. Feelings are important, but I never really thought about choosing better-feeling thoughts. That is a wonderful concept. I’m going to think about this week.

    Wishing you a song in your heart,
    Leslie @ You Can Make Music!


  6. Thank you so much for this Yorinda. Even though I very much practice LoA, I still need to be reminded of my FEELINGS all the time! The emotion associated with action needs to be intense, and if we have a constant stream of positive FEELINGS then I really believe certain aspects of life would be a LOT easier for many people!

    You have a fantastic outlook, I really appreciate what you do here on your blog!


  7. Hi Yorinda,

    Great article! It is amazing how powerful those feelings can be when it comes to LoA. I have just started to put these principles into practice but I’m beginning to see the benefits. I enjoy your blog very much and look forward to your next post!!

    To Continued Success,


  8. Great post!I do believe our feelings and thoughts can have positive or negative reactions to our health and mindset.You always have such inspiring posts and I always come away thinking in a more positive way.Thanks for always helping.


  9. Great post! Just as I use food to fuel my body and prayer to connect with Spirit, I use my thoughts to keep me healthy and wealthy. Your post is a reminder to form our thoughts well because they have power.

    Yesterday I taught my 6 year old granddaughter the power of thoughts. She was performing a task and spoke ” I’m winning” I responded “You are right”. Moments later with a bit of sadness she spoke” now I’m losing” I responded”Once again, you are right”. I went further to teach her that her words have power and whatever she speaks is right, it’s up to her to choose to speak positive or negative words. Immediately she understood, began speaking positive words of her outcome and was so thrilled the words she spoke had power and were true. I was pleased to have taught her this valuable lesson for life.

    Thank you for being a constant reminder of Creations beauty-

    Terrific Tonya Heathco


  10. Hi Yorinda,

    Very true , our thoughts make such a difference in how we approach life and what we achieve. In my part of the world we would say is the glass half full or half empty. It is the same glass it is the different way of looking at things. Take care Rosemary


  11. Hello Yorinda

    I think we have a tendency to underestimate the connection of thoughts and feelings. Dr Robert Anthony teaches you can change your future by changing your thoughts, feelings and actions. You are correct when you say we must line up what we want with how we are feeling. Using feeling as a monitor for my thoughts has made a difference in my thought life.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City


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