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Vision Board and Affirmations

The Law of Attraction responds to our thoughts and feelings.

Sunrise with pink cloudsAffirmations can help establish new neural pathways through repetition of chosen thoughts.

Thinking, reading and hearing the thoughts we want to focus on makes a powerful combination for this reconditioning process.

Thoughts turn into feelings, beliefs and then into vibrations which then attract what we have been focusing on. Continue reading Vision Board and Affirmations


New Year of Success with Vision Board

The Potential of New Year’s Resolution

Dream Vision GoalDo you want to (re)program your Mind so it can bring you more Abundance, Success and Well Being in the New Year?

Most of you know about Affirmations and probably have used them.

Have they worked as much as you would have liked them to? Continue reading New Year of Success with Vision Board

Good ideas – Doing something about them

Good IdeasDoing something about good ideas and turning them into abundance would be ideal.

Do you have times when ideas come into your head and you are excited about them?
But then ‘things happen’ and a while later you wonder what the idea was, or how come you didn’t do anything about it?

When I meditate in the morning I seem to have some interesting ideas come up.
Sometimes I write them down.

Even though they seem good ideas, most days I don’t do anything about them.
Does that mean the time is not right? Do I need to know what it means?

Humans are meaning making machines.

The time I spend thinking about ‘how come that…’ or ‘why is it…’ could be spend asking questions like:

  • How can I?
  • What would the best thing for me to do right now?
  • What do I have the most energy for?
  • What would I[intlink id=”224″ type=”page” target=”_blank”] feel good[/intlink] doing?

Ok, this applies for the days or times in my days that are free time for me to use.
I do know that when I feel good I am more likely to attract more of what I want into my life.
So, if I use my free time doing things that feel good then I am going to be more likely to work more efficiently on what I have to do.

The following quotes may explain this further in regard to abundance:

“The fastest way to get to an improved financial condition is to look for pleasing things that you already have,
for in the seeking and finding of that which is working, more success will come – and it will come quickly.” (p. 50)

“Anytime you are feeling good, no matter the reason, you are accomplishing the feeling of abundance:
and in your absence of resistance, everything that you have asked for is making its way right to you.” (p. 58)
from: Getting in the Vortex (The Teachings of Abraham) by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Positive emotions and thoughts draw what you want to you” from: [intlink id=”84″ type=”page” target=”_blank”]Creating Money[/intlink] by Sonaya Roman

Watch this artistic Video about Ideas

What do you do with your good ideas?

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Imagination Visualization Dreams

Dream Vision GoalDo you allow your Imagination free range?

Are thoughts of ‘what if’ and ‘but’ interrupting the free flow of your imagination?

How long do you stay focused on visualizing what you want? A few thoughts, a few seconds, a few minutes?

Do you get a clear picture? Can you see in your mind’s eye what you want?
Can you get into what it would feel like to have what you imagine? Continue reading Imagination Visualization Dreams

Awareness and Conscious Living

Why is it important to be aware?

Awareness gives us the opportunity to:

  • Consciously choose
  • Respond instead of react
  • Choose better feeling thoughts
  • Being in the now
  • Enjoy life more
  • Increase our sense of Well Being
  • Appreciate the Abundance
  • Think before we speak
  • Have more harmonious interactions with others
  • Understand ourselves and others more
  • Live and work more effectively
  • Change non-beneficial habits

Feel free to share your thoughts on this in a comment below.

What can we be aware of?

  • Our Feelings
  • Our Thoughts
  • Our breathing
  • The words we speak
  • What we don’t want
  • What we do want
  • Whether to say yes or no
  • What we (want to) eat and drink
  • How well our body is functioning automatically
  • Our Abundance consciousness
  • How we spend our money
  • How we perceive:
  • Circumstances
  • People
  • What we hear
  • Whether we respond or react

Do you have any other suggestions of what we can be aware of and how awareness can help us in life?

What can we do to be more aware?

Ask ourselves many times a day: ‘Am I aware?’
(Rhonda Byrne suggested this in her book “The Secret“.)

Stick post it stickers around the house, in the car, at work which remind us.

Set the intention to be more aware.

Include Awareness in the daily [intlink id=”75″ type=”page” target=”_blank”]affirmations[/intlink]:

  • More and more am I aware.
  • I love the thought of being more aware.
  • I remember to be more aware.
  • My awareness is increasing every day.

I would love to read your ideas on what we can do to be more aware.

Feel free to share this and leave a comment.


Why Do You Want More Freedom Abundance Well Being and Time?

Why Do You Want More

Freedom Abundance Well Being and Time?

The Answer to that question may vary from person to person.

Maybe you haven’t really thought about it?

Or you may sort of know but it is more gray instead of black and white?

Hopefully you will get clearer as you read explore that question.

When we know why we want something and

focus on why we want it

then it is more likely to happen.


What does Freedom mean to you?

Here are some options:

  • Being yourself
  • Doing what you want
  • Having what you want
  • Nobody telling you what to do


Abundance could be:

  • Plenty of money
  • Having things
  • Living comfortably
  • Living in luxury
  • A car
  • A boat
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Plenty of Time
  • Family/Friends

When do you feel abundant?

What makes you feel abundant?

Well Being

Areas of [intlink id=”43″ type=”page” target=”_blank”]Well Being[/intlink]:

  • Physical – health
  • Emotional – feeling good
  • Mental – positive thinking
  • Financial
  • Spiritual
  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Fulfillment



Time for:

  • Doing what you love
  • Family
  • Children
  • Relaxation
  • Recreation
  • Fun
  • Holiday
  • Work
  • HobbiesFun