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The Importance of Bees


Honey Bee on a Lavender FlowerAre we appreciating bees for all the do on the planet?

The Bee Movie is a fun film for all ages.

Yes, it is animated and seems like entertainment for children.

It also addresses important issues.

“Why does his life have less value than yours?” is one of the questions asked as the woman saves the bee from being squashed.

Everything is part of the whole, an expression of Source Energy and important in the functioning of the planet.

Bee Movie‘ is a cleverly animated film with a message about the importance of bees.
The humor woven into the story included some fascinating parallels to humans and our idiosyncrasies.

How much do we take flowers, plants and trees for granted?

What about honey or any products containing honey.

Can we learn things from bees?

For more information watch

Honey bees – Natural History

Photo Credit: Steve Johnson

You can view a trailer of the Bee Movie here.

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