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Aging – 10 major Causes

FructoseAging and 10 Products we may be using daily

A TV show featuring Dr. Oz brought my attention to 10 products which contribute to aging in a big way.

Apart from losing our youthful appearance these products also contribute to diminishing our well being.

It seems like most of our body is affected by the use of one or all of these products.

Through absorption by either the digestive system, the skin or the respiratory system these commonly used items can (slowly) deteriorate our health.

1. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) :

A cheaper form of sugar and often appears on the label as sugar.

The liver absorbs this type of sugar fast and turns it into fat.

The brain does not recognize this(HFCS) like it would with normal sugar and therefore does not send the signal and we continue eating/or drinking.

It also contributes to blood sugar inbalance.

(HCSF is in some soft drinks – brown pop- , fruit juices, salad dressings, baked goods)

More on HFCS on Wikipedia

2. Chlorine Bleach: Sodium hypochlorite

When our clothes/linen been washed with products containing bleach our skin will absorb the residues.

(use baking soda, white vinegar or peroxide products instead)

An article on ehow about the effect of inhaling the fumes

3. Insecticides: carcinogenic –

Use natural products (lemon eucalyptus, citronella)

Check the Plant derived section on this Wikipedia page

Cinnamon kills mosquitos (on Science daily)

4. Top Shelf Alcohol/ hard liquor

Wikipedia on Alcohol

5. Moth balls

use Lavender or cedar chips sachets

Health effects on Wikipedia

6. Air Fresheners/artificial Fragrances

damage lung tissue, etc

(use natural essential oils)

Not so sexy Fragrances

Article on Natural News

7. Trans Fats/ hydrogenated oils

Article on Wikipedia about Trans Fats

8.Toluene Nail polish/remover Paraffin candles

(effects the nervous system)

use bees wax/soya candles

Wikipedia on Toluene

9. Detergents with NPE (nonylphenol ethoxylates)

in most things which create bubbles.

Mimics as estrogen hormone.

Free brochure on NPE

Video about what goes down the drain

10. Tobacco

Health effects of tobacco

Doctor Oz’s website

Hopefully this post has inspired you replace and/or eliminate some of these product.

Photo Credit: Fructose on Wikipedia

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