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Alternative Porridge Recipe

My Alternative Porridge Recipe

Porridge3 Table spoons of  Oats
cook them


1 Tablespoon of Coconut oil ( link to my posts)

1 teaspoon of Sole (link to my post)
Himalayan salt/water solution

2 teaspoons of Coconut sugar

juice of  1/8 of a Lemon

stir and eat and enjoy

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Dr. Axe on Coconut Sugar



Arthritis Fibromyalgia and Coconut Oil

Book The new arthritis cureDr. Bruce Fife explores in depth the research about how Arthritis and Fibromyalgia are related to infections in the mouth and body and how Coconut Oil may help in his book “The New Arthritis Cure – Eliminate Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Pain Permanently”.

His book is referenced to a plethora of medical journals and other sources. Continue reading Arthritis Fibromyalgia and Coconut Oil

How coconut oil may benefit your health

Coconut Palm Tree of LifeThe Awareness of the Benefits of Coconut Oil is growing rapidly.

Coconut Palms are called the ‘Tree of Life‘ in Asian and Polynesian countries.

Many people now use it in their cooking because of the high heat resistence.

Even though Coconut Oil is a saturated fat is is still a healthy oil due to Lauric acid and the balance of the Medium-chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs). (read more about this below) Continue reading How coconut oil may benefit your health