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Looking after yourself with abundant Energy

Solar FlaresDo you feel that you have enough energy

to get you through the day?

Do you drink coffee and/or energy drinks for a pick me up?

How much sugar is in your coffee or energy drink?

How is your energy about an hour or two after the caffeine injection?

Can you sleep after you had an energy drink in the afternoon?

What lowers our Energy?


Feeling depressed, fearful, angry, frustrated, irritated


Thoughts of what we don’t want, despair, revenge, complaining, worry


Not taking time to connect with Source Energy


Refined foods i.e. sugar and flour, drugs, not enough sleep, alcohol, coffee, sedentary lifestyle

Caffeine and refined food, especially white sugar and flour, raise our level of energy very fast and it also drops very fast leaving us feeling worse in constant need for more – ‘addicted’ to it. This can also lead to a low blood sugar/hypoglycaemia if we continue with this lifestyle. It happened to me when I was pregnant with my oldest son. Read my story at the end of this post.

According to [intlink id=”1152″ type=”post” target=”_blank”]Annette Noontil[/intlink] in her book:

“The Body is the Barometer of the Soul”

Tiredness can be related to:

  • Not planning and running out of time
  • Being a perfectionist
  • Out-flowing your wisdom. Giving too much without learning from it
  • Doing something or not doing something, so it is an escape
  • Not re-grouping or summing up what you have learned
  • Not knowing how to communicate


Our feelings tell us whether we are in alignment with, inspired, universal energy,

Our thoughts affect how we are feeling. When we are feeling good we have energy.

We can choose better feeling thoughts.

When we connect with Source Energy through meditation, prayer and when our thoughts are in alignment with our inner being, we can access Universal Energy

When we feed our body with nourishing food and beverages we have more energy.

Appropriate exercise

Health Energy Drink with Malate and Rhodiola and Antioxidants

Co-enzyme Q10 (the body makes less of this enzyme when we reach the 40s and Statin drugs may lower it)

Ingredients for Energy:

Sustaining wholesome food and drinks, healthy energy drinks made with antioxidants rich teas, herbs , reaching for better feeling thoughts, appropriate exercise, meditation, Vitamins and Minerals in the right combination, [intlink id=”310″ type=”page” target=”_blank”]Malate[/intlink], Co-Enzyme Q10

Benefits of the healthy Energy Drink I use:

  • only 2 grams of sugar/low glycemic
  • may help with weight losss
  • can enhance your Mood
  • Energy (cellular)
  • Antioxidants/free radical defense
  • Good for athletes (1 Million Dollar Guarantee)
  • No crash
  • all natural/no presevatives
  • you get what’s on the label
  • Portable (sachets – just add hot or cold water)
  • can help with [intlink id=”396″ type=”page” target=”_blank”]Chronic Fatigue Syndrome([/intlink] CFS)
Watch what Dr. Gerald Lewis has to say:
My story:

I was about two month pregnant, when I couldn’t sleep, had itchy spots all over my body and I felt like I was close to a nervous breakdown. The medicine from the doctor and specialist only supplied mild and temporary relief.

Being desperate I went to a naturopath, cringing at the money I had to spend for the consultation. She looked into my eyes and told me that my adrenal glands were exhausted and that I have a low blood sugar/hypoglycemia problem.

One of her suggestions was a good multi-vitamin and she gave me two sheets of paper; one with all the food I could eat (unrefined/whole grains, fruit and vegetables, etc.) and one with the food I should avoid. Guess which one was the food I ate the most of up until then … yes, I had to change my diet. And I did, since I wanted a healthy pregnancy and baby, especially since I already had lost one a couple of years ago.

Since then I made lots of changes to my lifestyle and read hundreds of books on health, especially the holistic approach. I used over the counter multi-vitamins and in my 40’s (having three sons) I bought the best that I could find, since by then, I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which I didn’t know). Even though I felt a bit better, my health started to improve when I started using pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements, including co-enzyme Q10 and grape seed extract. In the last five years I cut back on the vitamins and started using Coconut oil as much as my budget allows.

One change took a long time – coffee. Even though I ended up drinking weak coffee, I was still ‘addicted’ to it. What helped me with loosing my interest in coffee was a healthy energy drink made from teas with antioxidants, malate and herbs, i.e. Rhodiola. This also helps balancing my mood. I do know the difference if I have a coffee instead of half a cup of the energy drink. Some days I feel I need a whole cup.

Photo Credit: Solar Flares by Nasa Goddard Space Flight Centre on Flickr

For more info on Rhodiola on Wikipedia click here.

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Energy and CoQ10

The Energy of the Cell, Heart and BodyCitric Acid Cycle for EnergyCells are what makes up every part of our body including our heart.

The energy production of the cell very much determines how much energy we have available throughout the day.

There a lot of components that contribute to the production of energy within the cell and one of the important one is Co enzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

CoQ10 is produced (synthesized) by the body and we also can get it from food or in the form of a supplement.

Some of the food which contains CoQ10 are:

Beef, herring, chicken, peanuts, oranges , broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, and eggs varying from 2.6 mg to 0.1 mg per serving.

As we get older (especially after around 40+) we produce less CoQ10.

People who have chronic diseases as in heart conditions, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, cancer are reported to have low levels of CoQ10.

Cholesterol reducing drugs have a tendency to lower the levels of CoQ10 as well.

The first of the three steps in the biosynthesis of CoQ10 is dependent on vitamin B6 in the form of pyridoxal 5′-phosphate. Therefore it is important to have adequate B6 intake for CoQ10 to work.

Research suggests that CoQ10 can help with:

  • anti aging
  • migraines,
  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • high blood pressure,
  • blood sugar levels as in Diabetes(200mg),
  • neurodegenerative diseases as in Parkinson’s(1200mg)
  • athletic performance.

The gel capsules are usually better for absorption.

Pharmaceutical grade CoQ10 provides consistent quantity as well as quality in every capsule.

For more scientific information you can go to:


Photo Credit: Citric Acid Cycle on Wikipedia

You can click on the image for mor information of the individual components

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