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Salt versus Himalayan Salt

Sole - Water and saltIn the post ‘Salt is it all the same?”Is any Salt good for You?‘ I brought the attention to the pros and cons or Salt and what alternative can be used instead of the refined version (i.e. Himalayan Crystal Salt). The information was mostly from the book “Water and Salt” by Dr. Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira. 

The comments people made to the post where interesting information and also a few questions.

The Video by Dr. Mercola hopefully will clarify the questions regarding this ‘tasty’ issue.

He explains the history of salt and a lots lots more, i.e. how much salt we need.

Amazing Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt


You may also like to read “Debunking the Salt Myth” by Dr. Mercola and/or his article “Is Salt Natures Antidepressant

Dr. Edward F. Group wrote a post called The Benefits of Himalayan Salt which has an extensive list.

Himalayan Salt Analysis 

To find a full list of the minerals and trace elements contained in Himalayan salt go to Himalayan crystal Salt and scroll down.

Here in New Zealand I found quite a difference in prices (even though it came from the same distributor)

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Vision Board How you can use the Display

A Variety of Uses for the Vision Board Displays


FreedomWhy create and use a Vision Board?

Our brain is very clever and want to help keeping us safe.

One way of doing this is keeping the ‘old familiar’ neural pathways ‘clean and smooth’ so it is easy to slip into them. The brain produces an acid which cleans any ‘overgrowth’. Continue reading Vision Board How you can use the Display

Headaches Migraines and Affirmations

Migraine AuraMost people and even children have experienced headaches or even migraines.

What helps you when your head is aching?

There are lots of methods and which one we choose is probably right for us.

Do you think that what you believe is powerful?

Watch the Video below how a hospital in Beijing uses no medicines.

This post is about how headaches relate to attitudes.

Understanding the cause can be effective with clearing it.

Check list of Affirmations to use at the bottom of the post.

According to Annette Noontil (The Body is the Barometer of the Soul)

The attitudes related to headaches and migraines are as follows:


Front of head, pressure

Holding on to old limitations and not seeing good in anything.

Back of head

Pressurizing yourself through impatience that you have not done enough


Nervous headaches Back of head

Your communication to yourself that you are the one who needs to be accepted is not happening. Tell yourself you accept yourself no matter what has happened to you.

Nervous headaches front of head

Not communicating with your inner being to know yourself.

Not believing you can stand up for yourself and say what you want.

Letting others tell you what to do and not communicating to them that you dislike being told what to do.

I turned these into


  • I feel more and more free to tell others that I dislike to be told what to do.
  • I am patient with myself and trust that I have done enough.
  • I let go of limitations and see the good in things.
  • I see myself and everyone as equal.
  • I allow myself to be the love that I am. I am at peace with myself.
  • More and more am I accepting myself no matter what happens to me.
  • More and more am I communicating with my Inner being to know myself.
  • I love the thought of feeling courageous enough to stand up for myself and say what I want.
  • I love the thought of feeling free to tell other that I dislike being told what to do.
  • I love the thought of standing up for myself and say what I want.
  • I am patient with myself and trust that I have done enough.
  • More and more am I letting go of limitations .
  • More and more am I seeing the positive aspects in everyone and everything.
  • More and more am I allowing myself to be the love that I am.
  • I love the thought of being at peace with myself.
  • I accept myself and say what I want.

Thoughts and [intlink id=”75″ type=”page” target=”_blank”]Affirmations[/intlink] create Feelings.

Gregg Braden

“When we have a feeling in our hearts we are creating electrical and magnetic waves inside of our bodies that extend beyond our bodies into the world around us.”

Healing in less the 3 min in a medicine-less Beijing Hospital

Other natural methods:

Sound -Endorphin Release/Headache Relief – Delta/Theta/Gamma Brainwave Synchronization Meditation

(there is free download of the audio file)





and many more…

Photo Credit: Migraine Aura on Wikipedia

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New Habits

Have you ever experienced feelings which you didn’t like very much.Begin a new day Sunrise

Something like:

  • Can’t be bothered
  • What’s the point
  • Just want to blob
  • Watch mindless TV shows
  • Want to ‘get out of it’ ‘get….’ all that addictive stuff
  • Want to sleep
  • Want to complain
  • Want to blame someone or something
  • Feel worthless, useless, no good for anything or anyone
  • Feel depressed
  • Feel frustrated with myself

Maybe the frustration was related to that before your felt this way, you felt that you were making headway.

Maybe your emotion where more on the positive end of the scale.

This can be annoying because it can feel so ‘heavy’ and at the time you may feel that you were doomed to feel this way ‘forever’, that you may as well give up trying, because it doesn’t work.

Hopefully alongside that feeling might have been a little voice that said:

  • It’s only temporary
  • Trust the process
  • You will get through this
  • Reach for better feeling thoughts (old voice: ‘yeah right’)
  • You have felt better and you can get there again
  • It’s ok to distract yourself, if that feels better
  • It’s all ok anyway
  • Sleep on it tomorrow will be better
  • It’s not real;

it’s just an old patterns.

The reason I am writing this is, because I experienced an example of that ‘this stuff doesn’t seem to work’ powerless feeling. And it is possible to think yourself out of it.

Since I am just like you having a human experience, I assume, actually I am 99.5 % sure that there are lots of other beings like me who go through similar phases in their life and I want to give them

  • Hope
  • Encouragement
  • Reassurance
  • Something to work with
  • Hang in there

When we reach for better feeling thoughts – we can change our lives.

You could write ‘wouldn’t it be nice if …. ‘ over and over to connect with better feeling thoughts.

Sure the old patterns(ego) will try and take over at times, but ultimately:

there is only one person that does the thinking in our own head,

and that is

the person wearing that head.

We can recognize old patterns and replace them with new habits [intlink id=”224″ type=”page”]thoughts[/intlink] we consciously think.

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Vision Board for realising your Dreams

View from the hill Hibiscus CoastVision Board posters with images of dreams and goals have become a popular tool for people.

The brain ‘thinks’ in pictures, that is why a visual representation of what we imagine is so powerful.

Since we now have technology available we can create Vision Boards on the computor with Publisher and or Photo Manipulation programs like GIMP (free) or Photoshop. Continue reading Vision Board for realising your Dreams

Taking time out for Well Being

Beach with Coromandel in the distanceIn this busy lifestyle of modern civilisation a lot of people don’t seem to find the time
to take time out for their well being and to restore positivity.
We are always doing the best we can at any given time.
We don’t get up in the morning and say “I am going to be deliberately lazy today and sabotage myself.”

If we are feeling a lack of energy it is usually a sign that we need to take care of ourselves and re-align.
Even if it means doing nothing.

Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of “Eat, Pray and Love” found out about the ‘art of doing nothing’ from Italians.
Apparently they practice that art on a daily basis (i.e. go home for lunch and make love).

An Article about ‘The Art of doing Nothing has some great tips.

We all need time out to recharge our batteries and not just at night when we are sleeping.

How many people allow themselves to have that time out?

There is the ‘too busy’, ‘got to get things done’, etc. Attitude,
which keeps most of us slugging away at it.

Why? Because we are afraid that if we don’t, things will fall apart.
A lot of times it is the people who fall apart, they get sick, have accidents, divorces, heart attacks etc.

Trusting the process is usually not something we learn at school.

Yet, if we would trust the process and listen to our bodies, our energy levels and
take the time out at the first inkling, our even better on a daily basis, we would function so much better.

Even if it is only 10 to 15 minutes.
It is all unfolding perfectly.

Try it now with this very relaxing video taking you into nature(by jankovarik).
Best watched on Full screen (click on the bottom right hand corner)

I like Wellness Days.
I used to let my kids stay home for Wellness days, rather than have them home sick.
Amy Wong wrote an post on Wellness days

Here is a quote I got in my email:
“Some things you’re not letting happen right now because the timing isn’t perfect for you. Some you’re not letting happen because you are very aware of where you are. But all things, as they are happening, are happening in perfect order. And if you will relax and begin saying, “Everything in its perfect time. Everything is unfolding. And I’m enjoying where I am now, in relationship to where I’m going. Content where I am, and eager for more,” that is the perfect vibrational stance. “Abraham-Hicks

It is all unfolding perfectly.

What is your way of taking time out?
How do you look after your well being?
What do you do to restore your positivity?

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