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Loving Kindness Prayer

Magenta Rose LoveThe other day I listened to one of the 48 hour free replays [not and Affiliate link] by Dr. Anna Michelle the founder of Heart Healing Solutions.

Marci Shimoff, the author of “Love for no reason” shared four tools in her talk on Unconditional Love… From the Inside Out!

One of them was the power of a Loving Kindness Prayer.

C. J. Scarlet a woman who was in a wheelchair, suffering from lupus and overweight.

She used the Loving Kindness prayer every morning and every night and said it silently in her mind to people she met throughout the day.

After a year of doing this the doctors declared her recovery a medical miracle.

She was symptom free, lost weight and no longer needed the wheelchair.

Here are the words for the Loving Kindness Prayer she used:

May I be safe

May I be happy

May I be healthy

May my life be one of ease

My wish (for you)

a Song by Rascall Flatts

Marci Shimoff also talked about the benefits of [intlink id=”2018″ type=”post” target=”_blank”]Ho’oponopono[/intlink].

In the hope that the readers may feel inspired and uplifted I decided to share this and the short video I found on You Tube.

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The Tetris Effect and Happiness

Tetris Effect on the brainWatching the video in which Shawn Achor talks about “The Secret to better Work” on You Tube led me to writing my last post.

Since then I got his book “The Happiness Advantage” from the library. Continue reading The Tetris Effect and Happiness

Fun, Happiness and Success

FunHow do Fun and Happiness relate to Success?

How much and Happiness are you having in your day and/or week?

Do you think that doing things that are fun contributes to Success?

According to Colleen C. Barrett, President and Corporate Secretary of Southwest Airlines

“Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude.”

So, if we adjust our attitude about what we do then anything could be fun?

University of Florida Management Researcher Erin Fluegge-Woolf said, “One of my findings was that more fun at work also leads to increased engagement.”

Watch the Charlie Chaplin “Modern Times” who kind of – in his slapstick way – makes a point about this.

Charlie tightens nuts on a conveyor belt and a women’s dress.

It also has a ‘presentation’ of the ‘delightful feeding’ machine, which Charlie Chaplin gets to to experience.

This was in 1934.

Charlie Chaplin ranked the 10th greatest screen ledgend of all times by the American Film Institute in 1999.

The video below is a short section out of “Modern Times“.

Here are some words related to fun:

Leisure, recreation, amusement, pleasure, free time, laughter,humor, art, comedy, slapstick, happiness, hobbies.

Do you feel refreshed and energised after you had some fun?

What is your fun?

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