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Positive Aspects

Looking for Positive AspectsWe always have a choice of where we put our attention

When we observe someone or something we can focus on the positive side or the things we could criticize.

What feels better?

We an focus on the positive aspects as follows:

Write for 20 minutes things that you like about someone or something. Start with something that is easy to find good feelings, thoughts about.

As you find good feeling thoughts (positive aspects) about someone or something it will get easier to find more good feeling thoughts, since they attract/give you access to more of the same.

And then the better it gets the better it gets.

As we focus on positive aspects we feel better and our vibration raises, which then attracts more thoughts, people and experiences that feel better too.

Writing down the positive aspects is very powerful since we focus more on it than just thinking.

When we write we are:

  • thinking
  • writing
  • seeing
  • reading
  • thinking


  • you feel good when you do it
  • your point of attraction will improve
  • the relationship with the people you write about will be more enjoyable
  • more and more wonderful people and experiences will come into your life

Doing it regularly is like exercising, the muscle we exercise gets stronger;

– our positive thoughts and good feelings and vibration get stronger and it gets easier and easier to do.

We also can do this exercise when we find ourselves having a challenging situation with someone or something, before or after or both the situation.

If it is really challenging we may need to write our list a lot of times.

The way we feel about it will tell us whether there is more ‘work’ to be done or not.

There is a process called “The Book of Positive Aspects” which is in the [intlink id=”84″ type=”page”]book[/intlink] “Ask and it is Given” by E. & J Hicks.

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Vision Board and Images

Jumping for JoyThe last post was about how we can use Affirmations and Power Words so the Law of Attraction can manifest the dream/goal/vision we have.

This post is about how Images add to the effect of words/affirmations.

Using Images which provoke the positive emotions of our Affirmations will add even further to generate the vibrations in harmony with our vision. Continue reading Vision Board and Images