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Playing and Meditating with Mandalas

Playing and Meditating with Mandalas

Mandala with starsDo you think that coloring in is only for children?
Think again!

It can be very meditative and relaxing when we spend time to color in Mandalas.
Doing this is just for our own benefit and the outcome doesn’t matter. Nobody has to see it.
You don’t even have to keep the end result, the positive effects are in the process. Like with a lot of things in life.

Mandala – sanskrit for Circle – has been used since ancient times for self reflection, centering and relaxtion.

Looking at mandalas and coloring them in can be very therapeutic!
Be sure to take a break with the Mandala Medition in the You Tube video below.

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Mandalas and Well Being

Mauve magenta petal flower mandala square When I googled Mandalas I found thatthere are 119 000 images for Mandalas.

How often do we spend time

nurturing our creativity?

Did you like colouring in pictures when you were young?

Why do we seem to stop those

playful creative activities as we get older?

Blue spiral Mandala

Carl G. Jung found mandalas helpful:

” I realized more and more clearly

that the mandala is the center;

it is the expression of all life;

it is the path of individuation.”

7 Spiral mandala black and white The other day I got out “Mandalas for Meditation”by Zoe Frances which includes 80 black and white patterns,and a book about the benefits of using Mandalas.

Colouring in one of them was very soothing

and I just continued until it was all done.

The above picture is the result of that.

Stars in Circle Zoe Francis writes in her book howcolouring in Mandalas had affected patients:“the doctor noticed the most amazing changes in her patients.

Not only did they seem calmer and more centered,

the overall atmosphere had become more harmonious and light hearted.”

Patients on a psychiatric ward responded positively to colouring in mandalas,

one patient even started to talk again.

16 point star

The black and white mandalas are there for anyone who wants to copy them and enjoy colouring them in.

Have Fun!

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