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Feeling of Success when we keep a Promise to ourselves

Generating a Feeling of Success

Why do I keep a promise to myselfHave you made goals in the past and found that you got disillusioned because you just could not keep them?
Yes, I know, some people say ‘dream big’ or ‘reach for the stars’. This may work for some people.

We are all different and for those who may not fit into the above category it may work better to start with easy and small achievable adjustments.
When we experience success, no matter how small, we can build on it.
Keeping a promise to ourselves results in feeling that we ‘can do it’ and makes us want to do more.
We then feel more successful because of the sense of achievement!

Areas of Adjustments could be:

  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Exercising
  • Writing x-amount of posts a week
  • Weeding the garden
  • Answering emails
  • etc.

Start with an easy and small promise for just Seven Days. 

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Positive Mindset

Positive MindsetDoes having a Positive Mindset make you more productive?
Work to be happy – is that a backward approach?

This question is what Shaw Achor discusses in the video below.
How can we be the Best we can be?

What we think has a big impact on how we are in the word. Continue reading Positive Mindset

New Year of Success with Vision Board

The Potential of New Year’s Resolution

Dream Vision GoalDo you want to (re)program your Mind so it can bring you more Abundance, Success and Well Being in the New Year?

Most of you know about Affirmations and probably have used them.

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Play Good for Business and Success

Play, boy playing at beachIs the time we play as adults just for fun or waste of time?

What happens if we did not get enough play when we were children, did it affect our development?

These are the questions Stuart Brown and Christopher Vaughan explore in the book:
“Play How it shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul”

One of the examples in the book, relating to business, is on page 131 to 132 about how Andrew Grove and Gordon more solved a problem for Intel when Japan came up with a much cheaper memory chip. They realized that if they would not find a solution they would be fired. So they pretended to fire themselves walked out of the office and then walked in as the better and smarter executives that would replace them.As a result of this they led the company into designing and creating microprocessors. You can see the video below in which Stuart Brown talks about Play.

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Fun, Happiness and Success

FunHow do Fun and Happiness relate to Success?

How much and Happiness are you having in your day and/or week?

Do you think that doing things that are fun contributes to Success?

According to Colleen C. Barrett, President and Corporate Secretary of Southwest Airlines

“Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude.”

So, if we adjust our attitude about what we do then anything could be fun?

University of Florida Management Researcher Erin Fluegge-Woolf said, “One of my findings was that more fun at work also leads to increased engagement.”

Watch the Charlie Chaplin “Modern Times” who kind of – in his slapstick way – makes a point about this.

Charlie tightens nuts on a conveyor belt and a women’s dress.

It also has a ‘presentation’ of the ‘delightful feeding’ machine, which Charlie Chaplin gets to to experience.

This was in 1934.

Charlie Chaplin ranked the 10th greatest screen ledgend of all times by the American Film Institute in 1999.

The video below is a short section out of “Modern Times“.

Here are some words related to fun:

Leisure, recreation, amusement, pleasure, free time, laughter,humor, art, comedy, slapstick, happiness, hobbies.

Do you feel refreshed and energised after you had some fun?

What is your fun?

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Joy is the Goal

Is your Goal Joy?Sun rainbow spiralDo you have goals?

Yes, I am sure you do; well, seems that most people do.

Success seems to be a goal for most people.

Goals are essential when we want to be successful.

How would you feel if you reach your goal?

Proud, successful, happy – joyful?

So, is it the achievement of financial, career, material, physical or relationship goals

that we aim for, or is it the feelings we get when we achieve what we wanted?


Would we enjoy reaching our goals if we would feel indifferent or maybe even worse?

I don’t know about you, but achieving something that doesn’t give me a good feeling would not ‘do it for me’.

When we aim for something that can give us

a feeling of happiness, fulfillment, freedom, empowerment and ultimately joy,

then the journey towards achieving what we set out for is more worthwhile.

Staying inspired along the way is a lot easier, if we can keep in mind the feeling we are aiming for.

If you want money, the feeling is usually feeling secure,

and when you feel secure, you feel a sense of freedom,

and when you feel a sense of freedom you experience Joy.

If you want a (better) relationship, you want to feel loved, when you feel loved,

you feel appreciated, understood, cared for, accepted and all those feeling add up to joy.

Now – here is the thing*:

(*for the fun of it, I wanted to use “here’s the thing” as Leonard says it on the “Big Bang Theory” )


Just like you can only ‘eat an elephant only one bit at a time’ you are able

to get to the feelings of joy and freedom one better feeling at a time.

As you go through your day, notice your feelings.

If your feelings don’t feel as good as you want them to,

find a thought or something to do that makes you feel a little bit better.

Keep doing that and you are thought by thought,

feeling by feeling moving closer and closer towards joy.

Every slight improvement is worth it.

The good news is that, as you are feeling better,

through the Law of Attraction,

you will have access to more good feeling thoughts, ideas, people etc.

Focusing on the feeling, the why we want it, the joy,

the journey towards achieving our goals is more fun.

Is being aware of our feelings and thoughts worth it?

When it comes to achieving any goal we want it is not only worth it,

it is an essential ingredients and it helps to feel better along the way.

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