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What is the Meaning of Freedom?

What does Freedom mean to you?

Dolphin-surfing-on-its-tailA lot of people think money and things will give them Freedom.
Viktor Frankl and Nelson Mandela are two men who showed us that freedom has nothing to do withworldly riches‘.
They managed to use their minds in a way that helped them survive extreme circumstance and help other people. Continue reading What is the Meaning of Freedom?


Loving Kindness Prayer

Magenta Rose LoveThe other day I listened to one of the 48 hour free replays [not and Affiliate link] by Dr. Anna Michelle the founder of Heart Healing Solutions.

Marci Shimoff, the author of “Love for no reason” shared four tools in her talk on Unconditional Love… From the Inside Out!

One of them was the power of a Loving Kindness Prayer.

C. J. Scarlet a woman who was in a wheelchair, suffering from lupus and overweight.

She used the Loving Kindness prayer every morning and every night and said it silently in her mind to people she met throughout the day.

After a year of doing this the doctors declared her recovery a medical miracle.

She was symptom free, lost weight and no longer needed the wheelchair.

Here are the words for the Loving Kindness Prayer she used:

May I be safe

May I be happy

May I be healthy

May my life be one of ease

My wish (for you)

a Song by Rascall Flatts

Marci Shimoff also talked about the benefits of [intlink id=”2018″ type=”post” target=”_blank”]Ho’oponopono[/intlink].

In the hope that the readers may feel inspired and uplifted I decided to share this and the short video I found on You Tube.

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Headaches Migraines and Affirmations

Migraine AuraMost people and even children have experienced headaches or even migraines.

What helps you when your head is aching?

There are lots of methods and which one we choose is probably right for us.

Do you think that what you believe is powerful?

Watch the Video below how a hospital in Beijing uses no medicines.

This post is about how headaches relate to attitudes.

Understanding the cause can be effective with clearing it.

Check list of Affirmations to use at the bottom of the post.

According to Annette Noontil (The Body is the Barometer of the Soul)

The attitudes related to headaches and migraines are as follows:


Front of head, pressure

Holding on to old limitations and not seeing good in anything.

Back of head

Pressurizing yourself through impatience that you have not done enough


Nervous headaches Back of head

Your communication to yourself that you are the one who needs to be accepted is not happening. Tell yourself you accept yourself no matter what has happened to you.

Nervous headaches front of head

Not communicating with your inner being to know yourself.

Not believing you can stand up for yourself and say what you want.

Letting others tell you what to do and not communicating to them that you dislike being told what to do.

I turned these into


  • I feel more and more free to tell others that I dislike to be told what to do.
  • I am patient with myself and trust that I have done enough.
  • I let go of limitations and see the good in things.
  • I see myself and everyone as equal.
  • I allow myself to be the love that I am. I am at peace with myself.
  • More and more am I accepting myself no matter what happens to me.
  • More and more am I communicating with my Inner being to know myself.
  • I love the thought of feeling courageous enough to stand up for myself and say what I want.
  • I love the thought of feeling free to tell other that I dislike being told what to do.
  • I love the thought of standing up for myself and say what I want.
  • I am patient with myself and trust that I have done enough.
  • More and more am I letting go of limitations .
  • More and more am I seeing the positive aspects in everyone and everything.
  • More and more am I allowing myself to be the love that I am.
  • I love the thought of being at peace with myself.
  • I accept myself and say what I want.

Thoughts and [intlink id=”75″ type=”page” target=”_blank”]Affirmations[/intlink] create Feelings.

Gregg Braden

“When we have a feeling in our hearts we are creating electrical and magnetic waves inside of our bodies that extend beyond our bodies into the world around us.”

Healing in less the 3 min in a medicine-less Beijing Hospital

Other natural methods:

Sound -Endorphin Release/Headache Relief – Delta/Theta/Gamma Brainwave Synchronization Meditation

(there is free download of the audio file)





and many more…

Photo Credit: Migraine Aura on Wikipedia

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Accepting and welcoming all of ourselves

Transactional analysis

We have at times different aspects of personality within ourselves.

According to Transactional Analysis(TA) we have an adult, child and critical/loving parent.

Debbie Ford in the books The Dark Side of the Light Chasers and The Shadow Effect writes about the different parts of ourselves and how to embrace and accept them all.


In the last few weeks I have become aware of my feelings of social ‘inaptness’.

My tendency is towards being a recluse, choosing solitude over social-get-together.

A friend invited me to her birthday party. She knows me, so she probably didn’t really expected me to turn up.

On the morning of her party I did some writing about my reluctance to go and I allowed the part of me that was anxious and uncomfortable to really express itself and gave myself permission not to go.

After finishing my conversation with myself on paper, I thought that I would not go. To my surprise a little while later I found myself thinking about preparing for the trip to her place. I actually did feel like going. And I did and had a good time.

Had I listened to my impatient self only and ‘pushed’ myself to go, I would have taken all that anxiety and uncomfortable feeling with me and I am sure it would have affected the whole experience and those around me. I know, because I did it in the past.

My Impatient Self has a valuable contribution to make.

My impatient self:

  • Knows what I am capable off and want me to get on with it
  • Is solution orientated and sees what could be possible
  • Wants the best for me
  • Remembers everything I have learned that can be helpful to move on

It knows:

  • That I am not my scared, ashamed little girl
  • That I am an adult now
  • That I am a spiritual being connected to infinite wisdom love and energy
  • That my apparent limitations are just my present perception
  • That I can change my perception

it knows that it is possible to move:

  • Out of suffering
  • Past the struggle
  • To better times
  • To feeling achievement
  • To do better

I am grateful to have my impatient self and do welcome its contribution.

I also have learned, that to constructively, effectively and efficiently move forward, I need to ‘hear’, accept, embrace and include all parts of me, otherwise there will be an undercurrent of unsettledness, disgruntledness, worry and anxiety, which will make moving feel like moving through mud. I may move, but not as easily and fast as I could.

So, if I take the time and really listen to and take all parts into consideration, until they feel settled, then that time spent will pay off, when I am ready to move, with the ease of movement, the speed and effectiveness and even enjoyment.

In meetings with people, where decisions are to be made that involves everyone, like families, it is also important, that everyone is heard and their concerns are taken into considerations.

It is sort of the same when we make individual decisions.

Debbie Ford

Marianne Williamson

Deepak Chopra

The Shadow Effect

More on Transactional Analysis

A Joke : “The sooner you fall behind, the more time you’ll have to catch up”

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Looking after yourself with abundant Energy

Solar FlaresDo you feel that you have enough energy

to get you through the day?

Do you drink coffee and/or energy drinks for a pick me up?

How much sugar is in your coffee or energy drink?

How is your energy about an hour or two after the caffeine injection?

Can you sleep after you had an energy drink in the afternoon?

What lowers our Energy?


Feeling depressed, fearful, angry, frustrated, irritated


Thoughts of what we don’t want, despair, revenge, complaining, worry


Not taking time to connect with Source Energy


Refined foods i.e. sugar and flour, drugs, not enough sleep, alcohol, coffee, sedentary lifestyle

Caffeine and refined food, especially white sugar and flour, raise our level of energy very fast and it also drops very fast leaving us feeling worse in constant need for more – ‘addicted’ to it. This can also lead to a low blood sugar/hypoglycaemia if we continue with this lifestyle. It happened to me when I was pregnant with my oldest son. Read my story at the end of this post.

According to [intlink id=”1152″ type=”post” target=”_blank”]Annette Noontil[/intlink] in her book:

“The Body is the Barometer of the Soul”

Tiredness can be related to:

  • Not planning and running out of time
  • Being a perfectionist
  • Out-flowing your wisdom. Giving too much without learning from it
  • Doing something or not doing something, so it is an escape
  • Not re-grouping or summing up what you have learned
  • Not knowing how to communicate


Our feelings tell us whether we are in alignment with, inspired, universal energy,

Our thoughts affect how we are feeling. When we are feeling good we have energy.

We can choose better feeling thoughts.

When we connect with Source Energy through meditation, prayer and when our thoughts are in alignment with our inner being, we can access Universal Energy

When we feed our body with nourishing food and beverages we have more energy.

Appropriate exercise

Health Energy Drink with Malate and Rhodiola and Antioxidants

Co-enzyme Q10 (the body makes less of this enzyme when we reach the 40s and Statin drugs may lower it)

Ingredients for Energy:

Sustaining wholesome food and drinks, healthy energy drinks made with antioxidants rich teas, herbs , reaching for better feeling thoughts, appropriate exercise, meditation, Vitamins and Minerals in the right combination, [intlink id=”310″ type=”page” target=”_blank”]Malate[/intlink], Co-Enzyme Q10

Benefits of the healthy Energy Drink I use:

  • only 2 grams of sugar/low glycemic
  • may help with weight losss
  • can enhance your Mood
  • Energy (cellular)
  • Antioxidants/free radical defense
  • Good for athletes (1 Million Dollar Guarantee)
  • No crash
  • all natural/no presevatives
  • you get what’s on the label
  • Portable (sachets – just add hot or cold water)
  • can help with [intlink id=”396″ type=”page” target=”_blank”]Chronic Fatigue Syndrome([/intlink] CFS)
Watch what Dr. Gerald Lewis has to say:
My story:

I was about two month pregnant, when I couldn’t sleep, had itchy spots all over my body and I felt like I was close to a nervous breakdown. The medicine from the doctor and specialist only supplied mild and temporary relief.

Being desperate I went to a naturopath, cringing at the money I had to spend for the consultation. She looked into my eyes and told me that my adrenal glands were exhausted and that I have a low blood sugar/hypoglycemia problem.

One of her suggestions was a good multi-vitamin and she gave me two sheets of paper; one with all the food I could eat (unrefined/whole grains, fruit and vegetables, etc.) and one with the food I should avoid. Guess which one was the food I ate the most of up until then … yes, I had to change my diet. And I did, since I wanted a healthy pregnancy and baby, especially since I already had lost one a couple of years ago.

Since then I made lots of changes to my lifestyle and read hundreds of books on health, especially the holistic approach. I used over the counter multi-vitamins and in my 40’s (having three sons) I bought the best that I could find, since by then, I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which I didn’t know). Even though I felt a bit better, my health started to improve when I started using pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements, including co-enzyme Q10 and grape seed extract. In the last five years I cut back on the vitamins and started using Coconut oil as much as my budget allows.

One change took a long time – coffee. Even though I ended up drinking weak coffee, I was still ‘addicted’ to it. What helped me with loosing my interest in coffee was a healthy energy drink made from teas with antioxidants, malate and herbs, i.e. Rhodiola. This also helps balancing my mood. I do know the difference if I have a coffee instead of half a cup of the energy drink. Some days I feel I need a whole cup.

Photo Credit: Solar Flares by Nasa Goddard Space Flight Centre on Flickr

For more info on Rhodiola on Wikipedia click here.

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Positive Aspects

Looking for Positive AspectsWe always have a choice of where we put our attention

When we observe someone or something we can focus on the positive side or the things we could criticize.

What feels better?

We an focus on the positive aspects as follows:

Write for 20 minutes things that you like about someone or something. Start with something that is easy to find good feelings, thoughts about.

As you find good feeling thoughts (positive aspects) about someone or something it will get easier to find more good feeling thoughts, since they attract/give you access to more of the same.

And then the better it gets the better it gets.

As we focus on positive aspects we feel better and our vibration raises, which then attracts more thoughts, people and experiences that feel better too.

Writing down the positive aspects is very powerful since we focus more on it than just thinking.

When we write we are:

  • thinking
  • writing
  • seeing
  • reading
  • thinking


  • you feel good when you do it
  • your point of attraction will improve
  • the relationship with the people you write about will be more enjoyable
  • more and more wonderful people and experiences will come into your life

Doing it regularly is like exercising, the muscle we exercise gets stronger;

– our positive thoughts and good feelings and vibration get stronger and it gets easier and easier to do.

We also can do this exercise when we find ourselves having a challenging situation with someone or something, before or after or both the situation.

If it is really challenging we may need to write our list a lot of times.

The way we feel about it will tell us whether there is more ‘work’ to be done or not.

There is a process called “The Book of Positive Aspects” which is in the [intlink id=”84″ type=”page”]book[/intlink] “Ask and it is Given” by E. & J Hicks.

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Inspiration at the BeachInspiration makes Work Fun

When Action comes from inspiration:

  • It is something you look forward to
  • It is enjoyable
  • It flows
  • It is action/work that you want to get out of bed for, even if it is early or cold and maybe even if it is a Sunday
  • Ideas flow easily
  • Challenges are no big deal, you keep going until you figured it out

How do you get to inspired action?

Here are the steps:

  1. Getting clear on why you want what you want.
  2. Exploring what limiting beliefs/thoughts are blocking you.
  3. Finding a new perspective
  4. Defining a goal
  5. Breaking it down into a manageable action plan
  6. Being accountable

Step 1 means asking ‘why‘ again and again until you get to how you would like to feel when you accomplished what you want to do.

A hint here is: it is important that it feels good.

Explore the levels of your ‘why’.

Maybe you can do this by yourself. Writing it down can help. Focus on it for a while, maybe more than once. It may help to talk to someone about this who will give you their undivided attention and possibly ask you some questions to explore your ‘why’ further.

Coaching sessions helped me with that, and I really appreciated having someone (a coach) help me explore by actively listening and also asking me related questions.

Step 2 can be more tricky, since those limiting beliefs sometimes slip past you like a ninja in the night.

Even if you have an idea what your limiting belief (a thought that you keep thinking) may be, but how do you get more clarity?

From personal experience I can say that exploring this in a coaching session can help tremendously and also speed up the process. For me it supported me in exploring what the limiting belief was by:

  • Having the space to talk about it
  • Being listened to, really listened to
  • Feeling heard and understood
  • Feeling accepted (no judgement)
  • Questions which helped clarify it further and explore it more

One of my experiences in which coaching sessions helped me:

I used to like being anonymous. I wrote a few posts on some blogs which stayed under the radar and I liked it that way.

I was scared to be out there, being seen, being noticed, to stand up and being counted. So I preferred to ‘lye low’. (Spelling mistake intentionally)

For years personal growth and self development had been number one on my list.

Counselling and Rebirthing and working with [intlink id=”30″ type=”page”]Positive Attitudes [/intlink]were tools which helped me to clear a lot of issues.

It was sort of like peeling an onion.

Sometimes I felt like I was going in circles.I am glad I that learned that it actually is a spiral.

This spiral is not only going towards the centre (my true inner being) it is also gaining momentum and it is getting easier.

Most people have a ’story’ to tell.

The reason to tell my story is to give an example of exploring where my limiting belief came from.

My father had a kidney removed in the Second World War and since he was afraid for his heath he left Switzerland and went to Germany. This made him a ‘deserter’ so he was ‘illegal’ in Germany and did odd jobs. He met my mother, I was created and then, because of my parents circumstances, was fostered out 4 times between age 0 and 7 (having contact with my parents in those years). When I was seven my well meaning parents finally had a flat and I lived with them. My father was still illegal until I was 10 years old. That was when my parents got married.

Until I talked about ‘lying low’ in the coaching session I had not connected my fear of ‘being seen’ with the situation with my father.

It was similar to the fear I felt every time I heard a certain fire siren, like the ones we used to have in Germany and I would look into the sky looking for the bomber airplanes to come. I couldn’t quite understand that, since I was born a few years after the war, until I learned that I must have taken on my mother’s fear (she had been bombed out in Berlin).

Step 3: Being able to talk about this in a coaching session helped me

  • to get this new understanding
  • to find a new way of thinking

I realized that these fear which caused me to want to ‘lye low’ was a pretty ‘low lie’ in the life I am living now.

Getting things into perspective puts the power back to where it belongs, into the here and now, within the control of our thoughts we choose from now on.

The steps after that for me where easy since I already had them I just needed to clear the limiting belief I had. Within approx. 3 weeks I got my own domain name and created this website. Sure there is still a lot more I want to do on this website, but now I am like a dog with a bone, grrrrrrrreat.

I also love seeing the positive changes and ‘aha’ moments in people I have coached.

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